In the news!


The Business Insider says “You Won´t Believe The Opportunities in Chile.” Our economy is “booming” and it “isn’t pretend economic growth, conjured out of thin air by central bankers” but the “real kind.” Our taxes are just the 17% and “new ventures are being created daily”. Come on, move here already and launch a business! Read their piece, HERE. 

Startup Genome published its first report, where innovation hubs along the globe are ranked. Santiago is on the list and outlets like Wired and New Scientist are commenting on it.

 ComparTeVe is getting lots of awesome, positive press! The Uruguayan startup got featured at , Info Negocios, and InfoWeek, plus an appearance in a college-oriented publication named “Pro-Universitarios”. Kuddos for an awesome team that will be pitching in our upcoming Demo Day!

Anna Heim, the badas* tech blogger at The Next Web, published an in-depth piece covering how startups can disrupt the finance sector. Regalii and StreetInvestor are mentioned! Read her piece, here. 

Studio Pangea is featured at Tecnociencia! Watch them on TV below!

Folks at Terra got interested in Start-Up Chile after Horacio Melo´s speech at Webprendedor, last Friday. That is awesome news! Their piece explains what SUP is all about and how Chileans can participate. Read about it, here.

Last Wednesday, we hosted a new version of the Start-Up Chile National Meetup! It was such a great experience to host a meetup in each Chilean province at the same time! We met lots of awesome people, and made a few headlines as well. Read about the National Meetup at, Curicó and El America to get started.

Klooff got featured at El Mercurio! and got a very nice appearance at Diario Financiero. Cabify is at Terra, and there is video!

Pic by  miss604 on Flickr (cc)