In the news: Start-Up Chile “seeking to change the Chilean landscape”


Lots of media appearances to tell you about, friends!

Let´s get started with Pulso, well-known Chilean newspaper which published a special long-format piece on “100 initiatives seeking to change the Chilean landscape.” Needless to say, Start-Up Chile was mentioned there as we “intend to turn the country into a hot Latin American spot for entrepreneurship and innovation.” Read about us here.

They are also talking about us in Australia. That´s because Rodrigo Arellano, Chilean-Australian, came back to Chile thanks to the program. after 30 years living in Australia! We are happy to hear he is investing a lifetime experience on “eTutor”. Read about Rodrigo over here.

They also wrote about us–guess where…Finland! We had to have some Google Translator here and there to help us appreciate this wonderful piece about Start-Up Chile at Helsingin Sanomat.

We had attention form the Kauffman Foundation, too. The title is what we love the most: “Start-Up Chile´s Global Footprint.” Isn´t that what our efforts are all about? Pulso is talking about our impact in Chile and the Kaufmann Foundation talks about what we do for the world: good day y´all!