In the news: get a cab and be safe, plus Gympact leading the geolocation 2.0 revolution


Gympact got mencioned at Mashable as one of the apps showing that today´s crazy success of some mobile apps is “a fundamental shift in the speed at which new ideas and new businesses can grow” rather than just a trend that will go down on the short term.

Ravi Mehta wrote an article titled “Why instagram won´t be the last billion dollar app”, in which he discusses different “ingredients” which, “when combined, (…) translate into explosive growth” he says. Among Mehta´s ingredients, there is “New Modes of Usages,” where Geolocation plays a key role and where Gympact is showcased as a very innovative app that mediates how people interact with the world around them.

Leaving prints in the sand of time, Gympact, congrats!

SaferTaxi got featured at Emol as “The App modernizing  how to call a cab”, emphasizing how Clemens Raemy and Jonathan Lo found a business opportunity in LatinAmerica rather than Europe and moved here leaving all fears aside. The article is a detailed story including how the idea was born, how and when did they team up with Cristóbal Llugany, and how customers are not charged when they use the app. Read it here!