“I am surely a better person” says Shagun Malhotra about her Start-Up Chile experience


Shagun Malhotra, of SkyStem, wrote about her experience as a Start-Up Chile beneficiary on Nearshore Americas. She posted a long piece, written on first person, describing her experience from the very first days she considered coming to Chile.

We can´t help the warm feeling when reading things like “I am surely a better person, a more connected person and absolutely a better entrepreneur after this program.” We are, as you know, devoted to help you get your business up and running, but we all know that, at the end of the day, it all comes back to who we are. This program is about investing on people no matter where do they come from. We look at your ideas first, your passport second. We hope you´ll be happy to share your experiences with your peers, and with the Chileans. Shagun´s words by the end of her piece piece make us think we are on the right path:

“The loyalty for the country I feel now is something that money cannot really buy. Chile is definitely my first choice for my Latin American office!”

Read the whole piece here