Humans of SUP: Miho Shoji, founder of Moodbit from Seed23


Meet Miho Shoji, the founder of Moodbit from Seed23. Moodbit explained in simple words is all about people analytics, with the help of artificial intelligence, data available within companies can be used to analyse employee engagement & retention of employees.

This is not Mihos first time in Chile, she moved from Bolivia to Santiago to do her undergraduate degree and in later years moved to New York, where her family now lives. So, her return to Chile has been filled with emotions and excitement as Miho stated that “Being part of SUP is a great feeling and opportunity because when I was working in my first company, a consultant company, I always wanted to be in this ecosystem of tech companies & at that time I thought I didn’t have the knowledge and wasn’t prepared to be part of that.” Now with Moodbits she is part of this entrepreneurial community.

The idea behind Moodbits was born when Miho noticed the gap in the market. In her previous company, a consultant company for corporate communication she asked her clients why are your employees leaving your company and how do you measure employee engagement and retention? The responses she received where that most of these clients only had one way of measuring this through a yearly survey with 60-80 questions! She realised that the data already available within companies was not being used because of time constraint and simply not knowing how to use it. It was at this point she spoke with her cofounder and said, “with all this data already present within companies, there is something that we can do with AI to make use of the data”. They saw it as a great opportunity since it’s a reality for many people, more than 75% of the employee population have thoughts about changing jobs and end up spending most time searching for new jobs instead of working. That’s why with Moodbits companies can see how engaged their employees are and through this decide on whether measures must be taken to improve the company culture. This is not only talking about physical office places but also when working remotely the company culture is important in engaging, retaining and boosting productivity of team members.

“Our current aim is to establish our company and be a renowned HR tech company that provides solutions for employee engagement. Not only do we want to be an analytics company but also communicate to our clients how to interpret the results. At the end of the day our main focus is having an impact in peoples lives, making their work a place they truly enjoy and where they feel cared for.

I also want to point out that for me as a woman it is very important to be an entrepreneur. I think female entrepreneurs are something we always have to applaud for. I hope I can inspire other women out there who have ideas to believe in themselves and what they want to do. To further help boost the female entrepreneurial ecosystem.”