Humans of SUP: Laura Ramos, founder of Creditop from Seed 23


Laura Ramos, an economist and founder of Creditop from Seed23. Creditop is a market place where people can compare loans between banks and get their ideal loan.

It all began back in Colombia, where she used to work as a tax-consultant and one day when she was buying her first apartment she realized that even as an economist she was not certain and neither had the necessary time to compare all financial institutions available & be able to choose the bank offering the best loans suited to her profile. She thought to herself if this was the case for someone who is an economist many others must experience similar problems. This is how Creditop was born. Laura stated that, 

“The journey has not been easy as this industry consists of many barriers. You must go through many people before you can finally communicate with someone at the top of the hierarchy of a bank who makes the final call if they want to do business with you. At that point in time it is essential to be able to present promising numbers. This process is something I hope that Start-Up Chile will help facilitate. I also believe one of the best things with Start-Up Chile is the big and strong community. Since the start of the program, a bit more than 1 month ago, experiencing this unified community has been amazing, the people you interact with from different countries and industries help bring valuable insights and a broader perspective to your startup.

I am looking forward to continuing on this “digital” journey with Start-Up Chile considering the current world situation. This will not stop our goal in creating a strong presence in Colombia and Chile and eventually in LATAM. We hope to help people find the best loan, in real time, all without leaving home.”