Humans of SUP: Diego Baesler, founder of “The Earth Says” from Seed23


Meet Chilean Diego Baesler, cofounder & CFO of “The Earth Says” in Seed 23. “What many people don’t know is that the food we eat daily depends a great deal on the bees & their pollination. In the last 5 years 50% of the bee population has died due to various reasons, global warming being one. This has resulted in the constant decline of flora & fauna which has had direct effects on ecosystem services. Many pollinators such as bees, are in danger of extinction which is a global problem and that’s where “The Earth Says” comes into the picture to change the beekeeping culture in Chile & the world.”

It was co-founded by a team of 7, with expertises in diverse areas such as biotechnology, business creation & entrepreneurship, & computer science. During the last 3 years they have been working on different agrotech projects. It was then that they realised the opportunity with “The Earth Says” & how that could have a greater impact on the ecosystem such as increasing the survival rate of bees, understanding beekeepers needs, increasing agricultural yields. With the help of artificial intelligence together with IoT they monitor the fields & hives. Through these hardwares you can see the flow of bees in the hives & fields, from which a heat map is generated & delivers recommendations in real-time for the producers to see which hectares have a higher flow of bees & native pollinators. There is also a platform available to help connect beekeepers & producers. Their start-up was launched as recently as November 2019, & has already done a pilot together with Bayer Crops & been awarded two funds, from Start-Up Chile & Crea y Valida & developed a provisional patent in the US. “Being part of these accelerator programs is a great opportunity for us as they connect us with potential clients & investors.”

This is only the beginning of their journey & their plans to further expand are already in focus. “At the moment we are applying to different funds such as INDI-BIO, YCombinators and Techstar, & hope that by the end of 2020 we will have developed pilots in both USA & Argentina while also creating a stronger presence in the Chilean market.”