Humans of SUP: Alejandro Bisi, founder of GiveMove from Seed23


Meet Alejandro Bisi, a bio engineer & founder of GiveMove from Seed23. GiveMove consists of a multidisciplinary team of people passionate about providing practical & accessible solutions for society, facilitating the development & independent mobility of children with motor disabilities.

“It all began when I met Facu, the son of one of my teachers at university. Facu was born with a neuromuscular disorder known as muscle spinal atrophy, & one of the symptoms being limited mobility. I started to meet different families around Argentina that had children with similar problems as Facu. This was the initial turning point where I thought I must do something to help make life easier for both these children & their parents. At this point in time i was working for a company that made medical devices, and during the weekends i would spend my time at work alone trying to create a device that would help Facu. After trial and error Bipmov was created in 2019, an electric stander that promotes autonomy & independence at an early age. Since then my team & I have worked on developing other devices for children with motor disabilities and currently we have some prototypes that we hope to launch the coming year. At the end of the day our goal is to create thousands of smiles around the world for children and families, and if we succeed with that through our devices we have accomplished what we set out to do.”

Being part of SUP Alejandro hopes to enter the Chilean market and offer the Bipmov to families just like Facus. “Even though the current world COVID situation brings obstacles, the acceleration program continues being a great source of growth with relations to several startups around the world creating this big community of people which is truly amazing.”

Before ending my talk with Alejandro he put a strong emphasis on how important his team of 6 people are. “GiveMove is not only me, I might have been the idea behind it but it wouldn’t have been possible without the team & their tremendous help in this. GiveMove is the work of a great team!”

If you’re curious to see how the Bipmov works check this video out!