How to make your video buzz with a re-tweet campaign


Jogabo, part of the second generation of Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs, is sharing its latest advice on how to do a successful communication campaign on twitter. Why are we interested? Because they came up with a very successful social media campaign last week, achieving 7327 views and 353 re-tweets in 24 hours. I´m sure we all can learn from them!  
Jogabo is an app that inspires soccer enthusiasts to play more by helping them discover playing opportunities and making every game count. And they are definitely good at inspiring people to get out of their comfort zone and share their passion.

We recently shot a new video showing our vision of the future of soccer. Since we are also applying to the Nike Accelerator Program (powered by Techstars), we decided to set ourselves a challenge: get 500  “retweet”  and as many views of our video to show them we could hustle and get people excited about our product.So how did it go? With $0 of marketing budget we managed to get 9000 views in 3 days,  and more than 400 retweets, some of them from famous bloggers, pro players and influencers of the soccer world. Check out this infographic we did for the first 24 hours results

Tip #1: Do your homework before… NOT during!Before starting the campaign and even before the last edits on the video had been made, we reached out to a few key influencers from our network to announce its launch. We showed them screen shots and some rough-cuts to get them excited and they agreed to get on board to help us promote it.

A clean and efficient  execution had to be planned well in advance. Before the video was online, everybody in the team had a detailed plan of action and a list of the people they needed to contact. All the emails were prepared in advance, ready to be sent after simply adding the missing video link. The only thing left to do was to “click the dam send button”. (and trust us, that already takes a lot of time).

That allows to interact with people retweeting and sharing our video as it happened and not be too overwhelmed as it all went down. And this is really the most important thing you can do. If you don’t usually do a lot of community management, this is the best time to immerse yourself into your pool of potential customers and fellow supporters. Don’t just push your message or video, reply to people, get them to take the next step like subscribing to your website or giving feedback,  give them unpublished news, hell, ask them how their day is! Oh, and it goes without saying: thank them !

Tip #2: Why you shouldn’t look like a spammer, even to your best friends

Whether you want to contact a really influential blogger or one of your facebook friends, it ALL works the same. Make your content relevant to the people you are contacting. In our case, if a person doesn’t know much about soccer, fine, we’ll engage her with the business opportunities of Jogabo, the social change we might create etc…

Also, take time to do some quick research on what the person has done recently. Check their last status update and ask them about their last trip for instance, or their new job. Just find something! It does take a lot more time, but it is also a LOT more efficient. Most people will pass on your  mass email, even some of your good friends.

Finally, don’t forget to tell them what they would gain from doing what you asked. If you take the time to speak with them, not only will they share your video but they will also ask their friends to do so. And this is what you want for your video to start spreading.

Tip #3: Ask people to do too many things, and they will end up doing nothing

Ask them to do ONE and ONLY ONE thing. May it be a retweet, share a facebook post, introduce you to a key person. They shouldn’t have to think for more than a second about what you are asking them to do. It needs to be clear and simple.

For our retweet campaign, we shared the link of the tweet to key people and made a specific background on the tweet page, showing some social proof (“famous retweets”) and a huge call to action graphic pointing to the retweet button.  It made it super clear and easy for people. Check it out:

Tip #4: Test, test, test, and retest… and make sure you involve your team

For our twitter background, we tested different versions, on different screen resolutions. If you want to do a call to action, you don’t want the arrow pointing at the wrong button. Seems stupid? Yeah, but we’ve seen that a lot.

Practice your workflow, make sure you know who is doing what in the team (tracking your campaign stats, interacting with this kind or this kind of person…). Involve all your team. Do you want your CTO to keep focusing on the product during the campaign? Fine, but involve him anyway and keep him posted on your progress. So that if somebody has a technical question, he can interact as well.

Our re-tweet campaign is still on! Care to help? ACT RIGHT NOW! Go on this link and hit the Retweet button !

We’ll be happy to give you feedback on how we applied to Techstars as well.

Jogabo: The Future of Soccer Is Now from BLOOM on Vimeo.