Hot Metrics and Cold beer with Michael Shoer


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This Friday we had a really interesting session on Social Marketing by Michael Shoer, from the American Social and Video Marketing Agency He talked to us about social media marketing: How can we reach our customers through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Co?

In a very nice, interactive workshop session he gave us an overview of the main learnings, then focussed on three different startups in the room and their social activity and in the end even found some time to answer our questions. All accompanied by cold beer! Thanks!

Michael shared with us his strategies to build our brand’s reach, to maximize the engagement of our fans, to increase our visibility in search results and in the end to generate tangible business results (like leads, sales…). A lot of people speak about social only as a means to be present as a brand and most forget to measure the impact. Michael reminds us that Social is Marketing, so don’t forget your metrics and ROI calculations.

For me the main take aways were the four rules he mentioned in the beginning and throughout his presentation:

  • Know your target: Who is your audience ? Where is your audience, meaning on which platform ? And what is your audience interested in ?
  • Focus on your primary platform: You can’t be everywhere at once so focus on the platform where your main audience is gathered and speak to them.
  • Deploy a content and promotion strategy: Tell a story but don’t forget to sell.
  • Measure your actions: Take your fans to a platform with measurable events like signups to a newsletter or transactions so you can see what your efforts are bringing you. Are you effective ? Are you efficient ?

Throughout his talk, and later in the workshop part, he gave us great examples of tools we could use to improve our content: On one side tools that make content creation easier (he mentioned short stack for contests and animoto for video editing) and on the other side tools that make it easier to reach out to the right people to diffuse the content (he mentioned Group a search tool for influencers / bloggers).

Other than content marketing he also spoke about the different possibilities of advertisement from simple ads, to true view video ads on youtube and retargeting through Facebook that are available to all. Unlike the myths that youtube’s video ads are only accessible to huge brand like Mercedes or Kellogg’s, Michael made clear that anybody can participate in the game with only a few dollars. And with only a few dollars, results can be achieved!

It was a really interesting talk that surely gave me some ideas to further increase the business impact our social activities are having!

Thank you very much, Michael!


Additional info:

Michael Shoer, a serial entrepreneur and former executive producer at CNN, is currently the head of Social Marketing Strategy for CWI, a US social and video marketing agency focused on content creation. He manages social marketing for clients that range from National Fitness chains, restaurant groups, a global online university to political candidates.