Hey supper, I saw you in the news!


Suppers have been gathering quite a lot of media attention these days. Start-Up Chile´s #DemoDay and #SUPWeek also made some noise (and we were of course expecting that!). By Thursday, we announced our new round of accepted suppers. We had a helluva lot of fun last week, to be honest.

A lot of that fun was captured by Nicolás Larraín, from Radio Infinita, on his show “Innovación Infinita.” Nicolás visited GAM during DemoDay and worked on a whole show focused on the event. He talked to suppers, investors, staff and came up with a really, really fun show. Tune in HERE.

Spending so many days here in Santiago gave Anna Heim, from The Next Web, quite a lot of writing material! She is also joining the conversation about the stats Nathan Lustig published about the pilot round he was part of. The results of his research, as we have said before, are awesome. Just keep in mind these are not official stats and our current research could change a few things!

Andrés Barreto, founder of PulsoSocial and Grooveshark (among maby others!) gave quite a controversial advice to suppers: “Don´t let Latin American VCs lead your round” and Anna Heim began a conversation about it on TNW. Andrés was also interviewed by Mi Voz, media group consisting on 15 digital newspapers serving chilean provinces, and he commented on how it is absolutely doable for everyone to become an entrepreneur. No need to move to big cities, at least not at the beginning. Read about it HERE.

The announcement of 101 new suppers was followed by almost 500 people via Twitcam, and by several publications. El Mercurio and The Next Web broke the news, followed by  PublimetroInnovación.cl, and Estrategia.

BackyardBrains got their video featured by YouTube. Friggin´awesome! The YouTube description of the video reads as: “During experiments on the axons of the Woods Hole squid (loligo pealei), we tested our cockroach leg stimulus protocol (an iPod) on the squid’s chromatophores. The results were both interesting and beautiful.” They now have more than 2000 comments. Gotta love this team.

iStar Stories got interviewed, in Spanish! Kuddos to Terry Anderson for being always open to new possibilities. Read about it here.

Pavel Timofeev, one of the brilliant minds behind Student Loan Hero, blogged about Start-Up Chile –in Russian! We won´t ever, ever stop getting excited about the many languages and cultures interacting here in the Start-Up Chile family. Its just lovely. Read the blog post HERE (use Google Translator, my friend).

TOHL, we have shared this with you before, is pretty much everywhere, Forbes included. National media is paying attention now: read about them on Diario Financiero. They are also going upper and upper on Reddit, and TreeHugher featured them as well.

Google announced its first Latin American data center will be in Chile, and The Next Web mentioned how Chilean authorities are celebrating this as a tip of the hat to the country´s efforts to position itself as an innovation hub, strategy in which Start-Up Chile is immersed. Read about it HERE. 

Pic taken from  leww_pics on Flickr