Hey, soccer lover: you are using Jogabo, right?


Situation A: You want to play soccer. You need to make 5 calls to find an available place, and another 20 to get your friends out of their beds on a Saturday morning.

Situation B: You use Jogabo, and that´s it. Teams are ready to go.

Jogabo is a worldwide community for soccer players. Founders Jeremy Melul and Mehdi Djabri have created an online platform where you can connect with other local soccer players to play pickup games wherever and whenever. Jogabo’s philosophy is to make soccer more social and open, giving players from all walks of life a chance to become involved in the beautiful game. Here in Chile the Jogabo community has been growing fast, and they’ve really enjoyed getting to be a part of the vibrant futbol culture in Santiago. They’ve just launched an upbeat new video that explains how Jogabo can get you involved in the beautiful game. Check it out!

*Remember: our application process is open until April, 3rd. Apply to join the Start-Up Chile family, here.