Hey, pet lovers! Klooff is ready for those cuties. Did you get your pet´s best angle?

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Update 2: Yeehaw! Klooff is rockin´Emol´s Tech section! 

Update! Kloof got featured at Radio Bío-Bío! and here is a pic from their participation at a panel in NYC.

We are sure this is what millions of people were expecting. No more Facebook profiles for your pet! Now you can get Klooff, the app for pet lovers allowing them to create profiles for their pets, post pics and turn those into products, among many other features. Klooff is specifically designed for you to get all coo-coo about your pet, and has features specifically designed for this instead of you having to use platforms that were just not created for this. Talk about customization.

The team leading the developing for Klooff is at NYC at the moment, launching the product over there before coming back to Chile to spread some NYC love among suppers. On Sunday, founder Alejandro Russo will be part of a panel at Uptown 2.0, an Internet Week event hosted by #IncubateNYC & Imagine Harlem. If you are in NY, stop by and cheer up for Alejandro.

You can download the app HERE