Here are the 100 startups chosen to be part of Start-Up Chile (gen 11)


Now Start-Up Chile is ready to get the best from 32 countries.


SANTIAGO, Chile- August 29th 2014After more than 1400 applications, Start-Up Chile is ready to receive 100 startup from all over the world. They have been selected to be part of the #SUPFamily as the eleventh generation, starting in November 2014.


In this last round, the most  represented countries are Chile (24%), USA (17%), Argentina (12%), Brazil (6%) and Russia (5%).


The projects are coming from different industries.  IT & Enterprise Software (15%), Social Media/Social Network (11%), Mobile & Wireless (10%) followed by E-commerce and Education (both with 8%).

Ladies and gentlemen! Here are the 100 lucky ones!

ADVIATO: ADVIATO is a mobile platform that allows companies in emerging markets to reach their targeted audience via the ringback tones of prepaid cellphones.  We replace the ringback tones that  cellphone users hear when they call someone with targeted advertisements, while incentivizing the cellphone user’s membership with free airtime and text. “ is an online marketplace that enables employers to find, hire and use mobile payment systems to pay skilled African freelancers via the Internet. This allows businesses and startups to readily undertake tasks that require specific skills as it provides them access to a wide pool of affordable skilled freelancers.”

Anchor Newsreader: Anchor app is your personal news anchor reading you the news from popular sources across categories like world news, sports, and technology, wherever you are – your gym, the subway or your car. Don’t listen to re-runs on TV and radio; create your own news station.

Angie: The easy way to discover and invest in startups on mobile [powered by AngelList, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin]

App Virality: App Virality is a Growth Hacking Toolkit for Mobile Apps that helps businesses to identify and implement the right growth hacks with no coding required.

AtContent: AtContent helps bloggers connect with each other and share content among relevant blogs, thus dramatically increase their audiences and traffic to their blogs.

Backyard Lion: Backyard Lion makes athletic discovery free and accessible to everyone. Our website helps players, coaches, and teams connect so they can achieve their sports goals. Backyard Lion makes it easy to compare skills with others, track personal progress, and to make a personal statement.

BarterSugar: BarterSugar is a web-based community where people can get what they need without spending money.  On BarterSugar, you may barter for services and items you need in exchange for allowing others to utilize the skills and resources you already possess.  Both parties save money as part of a sustainable community.

BeardedWeb: Our project is a platform for penetration-testers and security specialists. We provide flexible and convenient instrument which will help you to use existing web application audit  systems (like w3af or acunetix) in the cloud or in your own infrastructure. In the other hand,we offer continuous integration system for web applications.

BePretty: BePretty is the first urban guide in Latam that in one hand, enables women to search, discover, and book beauty appointments, and on the other, it allows professionals to scale their businesses by promoting and managing them online.

Bidding SpA: BiddingHR provides a platform to find and hire top talent. It allows Companies to fill jobs through many sources including a vast number of expert recruiters, companies own candidates, pre-integrated job boards and career website. Employers manage candidates in an Applicant Tracking System with direct communication with teams and candidates.

BioExplora: BioExplora is a research company that aimed to develop a methodology based on geochemistry for the discovering of new minerals deposits in areas covered with sediments and vegetation. This technology focuses on improving the existing exploration methods and provides results without environmental impact.

Bitlov: Bitlov is a digital currency automation platform. Using distributed automation oracles, called Rubrics, Bitlov empowers individuals and organizations to determine where there money goes and when, by simplifying the process of setting rules to establish transaction routines upon factors, such as: budget, triggers, formulas, times, recipients, and more.

Bluapp: Mobile app that gives microlocation info or advertising through Bluetooth 4.0 BLE indoor transmitters, this is done through a push message, filtered according to users interest. A web administrator for clients, where they can managed the information and ads, also have metrics of usage.

CallOnTheGo: Phone app that speed dials groups of numbers for sales/marketing while tracking analytics online. Make the most of your time! Call-On-The-Go!

Capture Mobility: Roads are expanding as well as increasing for faster transportation. Vehicle’s speed on motorway is about 100 km/h so if you are standing on the side of highway you feel a lot of air thrust.Why not capture this thrust to generate green energy,which is available 24 hours and it’s free.

Cellus Medicina Regenerativa: “Cellus is a company dedicated to the development of customized products and services for regenerative medicine and anti-aging therapies, delivering effective solutions with a strong biotechnology base. We are working on a new generation of autologous cell treatments in Chile and Latin America, with high quality international standards”.

Cloudadmin: Cloudadmin is an online solution that lets the SMB to easily operate in a daily basis, and at the end of the day, it offers a simplified reports to let him make better business decisions.

Cloudponics Cloudponics: grow plants from the cloud. Cloudponics is a cloud service and device that takes control of your hydro garden. The system tracks variables such as temperature, humidity, PH, EC and adjusts nutrients and lightning shedules for optimal growth. You can track your hydro garden from your phone.”

CoderHouse: CoderHouse is an e-learning platform that offers live online coding classes by simulating a traditional, on-campus classroom experience. We take our students from zero experience to job ready.

Cupcake Sweet Entertainment: Cupcake is an online gaming company that develops casual games for the Latin America Market. Cupcake’s first big hit is a casual word game with a Portuguese version on Facebook with 70,000 Brazilian players. It is being ported to mobile now to capitalize on the highly profitable market segment.

CW Applied Technology: CW Applied Technology is an collaborative open innovation hardware hub. The hub is build to complement the inventors creative skills with a full range of micro- manufacturing and commercialization  resources

Czero2: Czero2 is a proprietary carbon emission accounting platform that produces life-cycle carbon inventories for real products in today’s marketplace, and provides carbon offset opportunities for consumers at point-of-sale. Czero2 reduces our carbon footprint today while contributing toward the expansion of a renewable infrastructure that will ultimately reduce global emissions tomorrow.

Datamaglia: Datamaglia is a data market platform for developers. We provide a powerful API that gives developers the tools they need to build data driven applications. We solve the hassle of data acquisition, integration and implementation of analytics and machine learning algorithms so developers can focus on building their application. DayBreakHotels is the first hotel booking platform focused exclusively on day-use services. It enables customers to book (online and through the APPs), separately or in bundle, day-use hotel rooms (from 9am to 7pm), meeting rooms, SPA services, swimming pools and hotel restaurants in any three to five star hotels.

DisplayMedia: is a central hub and communication platform for social media content producers, in order to streamline growing and monetizing their followings. increases the emotion of what you see on TV by offering a second screen experience, free mobile application, that links smartphone and tablet users with live sports events broadcasted over the TV. The mobile application (named Meridiano Extra in Venezuela) is available for Android, iOS & BlackBerry10 users.

EcomExperts: EcomExperts is an online management platform for companies that sell in sites like MercadoLibre and other ecommerce sites. Our application, oriented to the ecommerce, helps businesses manage their entire online presence from a single enviroment.

Eddvantage: Eddvantage is a knowledge network of industry leaders based on their shared need for research and analytics. The core product, AppDepot, comprises business intelligence and benchmarking applications, which help companies measure and improve competitiveness. Eddvantage works closely with industry associations and companies to build Industry Knowledge Circles. preserves your thoughts, stories and memories for future generations, by creating an intelligent avatar, that can answer questions from your friends, relatives or other people.

Filmijob                : Filmijob is an innovative solution in Human Resources that facilitates the connexion between candidates and companies through the use of video and big data management, analysis and displaying.

FRACTTAL: FRACTTAL is the Asset Management Platform for the Internet of Things(IoT). FRACTTAL combines all the possibilities of M2M(Machine to Machine) with a EAM(Enterprise Asset Management). FRACTTAL is intended for companies of any sector/size to monitor their machines/assets/workers for diagnostic and performance data in REAL-TIME,delivering a powerful M2E-SaaS Asset Management Solution.

freeQ: Mobile Shopping App and Intelligent Security Tag for customers and clothing retailers. freeQ enables you to use your smartphone to scan clothes as you shop, process the payment, immediately triggering and unlocking the intelligent security tag affixed on the clothes you purchased.

Gamelogic: Gamelogic is a software development house that makes tools and software for game developers. Our software provides a framework that makes the implementation of game rules easier, faster, and more reliable. Our framework is rich enough to allow many opportunities for developers to be innovative and create unique games.

Gridlee: Gridlee is a non-profit organization bringing electricity to people in developing nations.

Groopify: Groopify is an offline social club that sets up get-togethers between 2 groups of friends that don’t know eachother (but should!) and that is revolutionising the way in which we establish social connections in the real world.

Hints Mapper: HintsMapper is a great alternative to video tutorials. It lets you easily attach hints directly to the online content of any web application and share them with other users. The interconnected hints create an exploration map of an app, allowing users to discover it while simultaneously exploring its content.

IKBEE- Cloud based magic notifications: This exemplary invention helps mobile device to receive live notifications without keeping data connection ON, Sending notifications to mobile computing devices is a vital for all web applications. This invention will be a boon extending battery life and battery replacement times by 2X factor.Patent Applied in US.

Infigo: NOW is an integrated software design that helps both restaurants and diners. It comprises of a Cloud Based POS for business owners and an intelligent mobile application for end-users which communicates with the POS system through dynamic tags in the restaurants, facilitating in-store transactions and customisation through users’ mobile devices.

Instiglio Chile: Instiglio is a non-profit organization that ties the funding of social programs to their impact on improving people’s lives. Instiglio seeks to improve the impact of social programs by putting the well-being of vulnerable communities at the center of funding practices through pay-for-success contracts and Social Impact Bonds.

IO-SAT: Unlimited Telemetry. The service is entirely developed in Chile and based on sensor technology and geostationary satellite allows to know in near real time the state of the climate, water and general environment variables in remote and without traditional connectivity.

Junkstr: Junkstr is a marketplace where people can get rid of the things that they don’t longer use without the hassles of traditional methods like garage sales or conventional classified websites. is build up in high social interaction and a revolutionary way to publish second hand goods.

KelRetraite: KelRetraite is an ecommerce platform which answers all your needs related to retirement. Via content, tools and e-commerce best practices, we are selling financial products in a brand new way. Designed from the start to be plug’n’play, the platform will easily allow us to expand from France to foreign markets. “We leverage the Peace Corps network to connect small to mid-sized tour operators in developing countries with travelers seeking an authentic experience, and allow those travelers to book online”.

Klouber: Klouber performs asynchronous interview, assessment and analysis of non-verbal language. Everything from the computer, increasing the speed by 70%, reducing costs by 80% and 25 solving other problems that pose the personnel selection process.

Konoz: An e-learning platform where video courses are available for free and educators can make sustainable income via crowdfunding.

LESS industries: LESS is a young startup with the purpose of bringing intelligence to business processes through the use of a distributed low-cost sensor network and cloud based processing. We frame our vision in the movement known as Internet of Things, one the new technology revolutions.

Lines: We are Nike fuel band for skiing–but better. Rather than just track skier performance we measure how people ski and help them improve through feedback. Our product consists of sensors which retrofit into ski boots. Performance data is then sent to our app and analyzed in real-time to provide feedback.

MARGAR: MARGAR is a multi-brand online and physical platform that sells women’s clothing from European firms and local designers. It targetsupper-middle and high purchasing power women of ages from 25 to 44, which are looking for differentiation through new and exclusive products.

MiEshop: MiEshop is a market place with social commerce orientation in which users recommend and promote products to their immediate social environment and receive cash commissions for those sales that, thanks to their action, are concretized in the beneficiary retailer’s e-shop.

Mine Data Solutions and Services (MDS-2): MDS-2 SpA nace a principios del año 2014 como una empresa dedicada a desarrollar y a implementar productos de software para la minería nacional orientados a la integración de datos que generan los sistemas de información instalados en las mineras.

Minkay : Minkay is an online platform that  provides underserved neighborhoods with the space and tools to exchange services with other members without using money. In this way, Minkay redefines wealth and social welfare – emphasizing that everyone has something to offer and that the community can empower itself.

Miramix: We are creating a desktop connected hardware device that creates custom vitamins and supplements on demand from dynamic consumer inputs, in order to help close nutritional gaps, prevent long-term disease, and help users meet their heath goals.

Mobile Bigfoot, Inc.: WE CONNECT PEOPLE. Our mission is to connect people by providing fast and reliable wireless Internet in public areas. We know that once people are online the possibilities of digital interaction are infinite. Our goal, once we’ve connected people is to enhance their experience by providing Superhero wireless network solutions.

NoiseGrasp: NoiseGrasp is a marketing mix optimization platform allowing advertisers to decide, plan and control their marketing efforts. We are bringing marketing science to medium and large businesses, developing complex predictive and attribution models that measure marketing performance and suggest optimal budget allocation across mediums. Ciao gutt marketing, welcome marketing science.

Notch: Notch Interfaces creates new ways to collect information about human body and apply that  knowledge to improve peoples lives.  Their first product, Notch, is wearable device that tracks movement in 3D and reconstructs body structure from motion data.

Nuvelar                : “Nuvelar is the first Latin American cloud based Digital Signage Content Management System.
Nuvelar has: a simple and intuitive user interface. The Nuvelar Store where users can find high quality content and resources to interact with their target audience. Support and customer service in english and native spanish.”

Orion Power SA: Orion Power is a company borned at Stanford University as a platform to develop solar energy projects in Chile. The idea is to incorporate technology and processes to the initial stage of  projects, in order to build a solid and replicable project portfolio in a systematic and cheaper way.

Packdocs: The Packdocs is a cloud files storage service that enables B2B users to organize and access their files through an intelligent and collaborative way. We focus on improving the productivity of the employees through innovative features, such as file recommendation and automatic file organization.

pH Control CO2/Water System: pH Control on irrigation systems to increase nutrient solution efficiency by plants, maintain drip lines clean, reduces operators possible damages avoiding the use of sulfuric acid on this process and with a minimum use of energy

Play4Prize: “Play4Prize is a website and mobile app that gives its users access to a number of different online games on which they can win prizes according to their scores. Each game is associated with a brand, which is responsible for providing the prizes to the winner.” is a social discovery tool for the Gaming Community. Like Linkedin for Gaming.

Proyecto Taski – Ayudando a Caminar/BioFab Sac: Servicio de escaneo, creación de plataforma de modelamiento que centralice la información e impresión 3D de prótesis de miembros inferiores y superiores para pacientes amputados.

Q4 NanoSystems: Q4 NanoSystems develops nanotechnology derived products that aim to improve the quality of current technologies and products, with an edge for inexpensive and environmentally friendly innovation.We are currently developing new synthesis methods of lithium sulfur nanoparticles in order to their use in batteries that improves them.

Questana: Questana is a web platform that allows you to distribute educational content of any kind on smart phones, tablets and computers, for users who are looking to optimize their time, practicing content to learn more.

Qur’an Academy: We are building an Adaptive Learning Qur’an App that helps people memorize & revise the Qur’an more effectively! Users can track mistakes, connect with Qur’an memorizers, and take adaptive learning quizzes to reinforce weaker memorization areas.

RealLife English: RealLife is an international, social language learning platform that inspires, empowers, and connects the world through English, both online and in-person. We do this through our award-winning blog, our online social network,  our worldwide network of in-person language meet-ups, as well as our growing line of products and services.

Renová tu Vestidor: Renová Tu Vestidor  is an online marketplace for selling and buying clothes for women, creating a peer-to-peer shopping experience. Follow people and brands you love, score major deals, and claim your own Renova Tu Vestidor closet. Women can shop the closets of fashionable women everywhere and sell from yours too!

Reqlut: “Tripadvisor for Jobs”, Reqlut is the first employer review site of LATAM.  Through our platform current or former employees anonymously rate their companies and salaries.  With that reliable sources of “insider” information, jobseekers can apply to Jobs that really match with their real expectations and they can love.

S-BioMedic: In the same way probiotic bacteria are beneficial for our inner body certain bacteria can improve our skin health. S-BioMedic develops cosmetics based on naturally enhanced bacteria to address chronic problems with the skin.

Semantic Empowerment Platform: Become a faster, smarter, and more efficient writer. Instead of just pointing out your writing mistakes, we enrich your content; helping you to better comprehend it, expanding your creative pathways. We empower writing through cutting-edge semantic technologies, so you don’t have to be a linguist, to write like a pro.

SilverOak: “SilverOak is the first online trading platform allowing emerging market businesses to selectively sell invoices of business customers to raise cash. SilverOak functions as an online exchange where SMEs (“Sellers”) can post invoices for sale while investors (“Buyers”) competitively bid to advance cash against these invoices for a fee.”

Skysense: Skysense provides hardware and software solutions to enable automation in the UAV/Drones Industry. Our first two products are the Skysense Charging Pad and the Skysense Hangar, a comprehensive solution for autonomous charging in indoor & outdoor environments.

Smiltech: Smiltech is a domotic company, born by the need to improve our ordinary lighting into a smart one . We are focused on improving security, increasing comfort and energy savings through product we are offering.

Snap!t: Snap!t is an app that let you buy products or services from the tv, radio, online ads, subway, the bus, “word of mouth” everywhere!, just when you see an amazing product, buy it with snap it!, and it will be delivered to your address. Transforming ads into points of sale.

Socialcense: Socialcense is a platform that allows companies to connect, interact and collaborate with the community in a whole new way, by empowering employees to create change. We provide companies with tools to encourage, give visibility and quantify the impact generated by employees in their community.

Sovi: The social network for local events (think Eventbrite + Pinterest).

SozializeMe: Cross-social network instant engagement for brands and professional blogs in just one click. The SozializeMe button allows an audience follow a brand or blog across all its multiple social networks at a time in just a click.

Spark: Spark – a next-gen tool that makes development quick, easy and fun; you just need the spark, Spark will do the rest.

SpreadsheetBooster: SpreadsheetBooster is a nifty plugin you add to your spreadsheets. Once installed, you can use the magical Booster function to import tons of useful data directly into your spreadsheets saving you hours of time you normally waste finding and copy-pasting data from different sources.

SunnyKarma: “SunnyKarma is a social enterprise committed to make charity fundraising fun, engaging and rewarding. We provide a peer-to-peer social fundraising platform, an online charity auctions of  meetings and fun experiences.  We provide innovative solutions, technology and for profit business savvy to solve real life social problems”

Suruna: Suruna is a plugin that turns any video site in a site with Netflix-like features. Allowing them to offer video suggestion, intelligent clustering, advanced search etc. To achieve that, Suruna uses it own artificial intelligence algorithm based in Computer Vision instead the classical meta-tags.

takeaHand: takeaHand aims to a world where everyone will have the hands they need. We propose, with appropriate, affordable and adapted design solutions, that no one will have a problem of functionality with their hands, regardless of physical, biological, economic and social conditions. Share and discover trusted recommendations from friends and experts on the best things in life (starting with restaurants/food).

Tiempy, INC: Scheduling social content made easy. Create your post, we send it at the best time. Desktop & Mobile.

Timokids: Timokids is an app with 3D stories for children of many themes and situations that reflect the day-by-day of the kids, with the objective to educate and entertain. The stories are found in different languages and can be authored by third part writers.

TOKEN: “TOKEN helps keep track of your baggage during air-travel. The inability of passengers to watch over their baggage makes them uncomfortable. TOKEN offers its customers a low-cost tracking device through which they can track their baggage during the entire journey.”

Transcense: Transcense mission is to empower 360M hearing-impaired in their everyday communications, by providing them a 24/7 real-time captioning service. We’re developing a mobile app companion, the LifeCaption that uses mobile devices as microphones to display who is saying what on each screen, allowing our users to participate to the conversation. Marketplace for online retailers seeking instant delivery & for independent messengers. Via PC, APP or linking with our API, retailers broadcast offers to MotoEntrepreneurs. The first messenger who accepts the offer carries out the delivery. A picture of the hired messenger is forwarded to the client. Commission per successful delivery!

TUTANDA: Tutanda is a platform that enables users to save and obtain money in a collaborative way. Additionally, users are able to pay for products with a discount rate (Tandadeals) and in small, interest free installments without the need of a credit card (Supertandas). Tandadeals and Supertandas are explained then.

Universitame: Universitame is an online community where relationships are created among pre-university students and students who are immersed in college. They will share accurate information, generating a personalized counseling. On the other hand, companies can offer through this platform services like leisure, as well as discounts on tools and study materials.

Varejo 21: We are a technology company for retail market. We created a mobile app that puts an end on supermarket checkout line. The app allows the customer to scan and pay using the smartphone. No need to pass on the register line

Veló Express: Providing sustainable transportation for small urban freigth!

Viktor Osetrov: “RealSpeaker Lab develops the audio-visual speech recognition application RealSpeaker. Our solution uses additional video information, which allows as to improve voice recognition accuracy by at east 20-30 per cent. This makes our patent pending technology way ahead of existing competitions.”

Wiithu: Wiithu is a cloud-based digital platform that allows users to share their life’s legacy with their children, loved ones and future generations. By using Wiithu, people can organize, store and send thoughts, memories, lessons and experiences making them accesible to loved ones now and in the years to come.

Wisboo : “We provide education for the digital age by leveraging multimedia, social collaboration, and live sessions for the ultimate online learning experience. Wisboo, is an online course marketplace (lUDEMY but for institutions). We provide Universities, companies and Institutions the possibility of creating their own customized educative channels with their brand visibility.”

X-Miles : “X-Miles is the most convenient web-based marketplace for frequent flyer miles. With airlines as partners, we will provide a unique solution that bridges the gap between individuals that hold excess reward points (or not enough to redeem for a reward) with travellers who want to fly at a discount.”

Yo elijo: YoElijo is a Chile-based social enterprise that delivers a rigorous and holistic academic and life skills curriculum to the students who need it the most. It`s a unique educational program of its kind that gives students the opportunity to decide their own path and be successful in college and beyond

Your Own Care: Your Own Care is an online marketplace that gives families the chance to directly hire local, professional caregivers.