Heading: Tech Sisters Santiago – Meet the Girls in Technology


Team SportID is organizing Tech Sisters Santiago – an awesome event where girls from all over the world who work in tech area talk about how they started, what inspires them, share their experiences and great ideas. The speakers are from different communities, such as Girls in Tech Chile, Tech Sisters Estonia and Female Entrepreneurs of the World. The event is supported  Girls in Tech Chile, Tech Sisters Estonia, ellas2, girltank and EZebis.

OK. Cool. So, why are we organizing this?

Before going to college to study IT-systems development, I had no idea, what’s going on in the “tech world”. Didn’t know anything. Well, yes, I had a computer, I played computer games, I knew how to install programs etc. But programming, new technology, IT start-ups, knowledge about the possibilities in the industry – nothing.

In high school, I decided that I’m going to find the thing that I love, no matter how much time it takes. So, after trying to find “my thing” in music, dancing and psychology, I went to study software development. Since I didn’t know any other girls in the area, I did some research about the college before – wanted to find out, how many girls go there and what are their stories and experiences.

Well – after ‘googling’, I found some not-so-encouraging stuff – a forum topic about girls in the school. The main point seemed to be that the girls there aren’t really girls – at least you can’t tell by the looks. That the girls are really unsocial, just sit behind their computers days and night and definitely aren’t interesting in any way.

The world that opened to me in the Estonian IT College, was something completely different! The tech girls I met, are amazing – confident, smart, funny, social, out-going. Doing interesting stuff, organizing events, and definitely looking awesome while doing all this!!!

Now, after having been in the industry for couple of years, many people have asked me, how come I even came to the idea of studying software development and how did I know that I want to become “a tech person”. Well. I didn’t, I had no idea, but some information and ideas would have helped for sure! Also, for many people during these years, I have been the first girl software developer, they have ever met. For me it was the same – before going to school, I didn’t know any. Listening others sharing their experience would have been a great source of information, inspiring and interesting!

This is what the Tech Sisters event is created for – to introduce the awesome girls in tech to the world!

So, our team is waiting for you to come and meet the girls in technology

Event details and profiles of presenters:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1434226760130892/

Website: http://santiago.techsisters.org

Lets meet there!!! 😉

Tech Sisters event series is also taking place in Estonia since 2012. We got the idea to bring the same event series to Santiago, when our team was brainstorming RVA points – we wanted to do something cool and fun that would really have an impact! By now, RVA points are just an extra for organizing this – we are enjoying what we’re doing, have received a lot of positive feedback and hope to organize the next event already soon!!!