Harvard Grads Launch ‘Gym-Pact’ in Chile

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As of this week, Gym-Pact, a startup founded by Harvard grads Yifan Zhang and Geoff Oberhofer, is live in Chile after months of programming and fine tuning with the support of their Start-Up Chile peers. Like many program participants, the team behind Gym-Pact is utilizing Chile as a way to pilot test their product, having launched a website and iphone application on October 17th, available for use solely in Chile.

Gym-Pact, as described by its Zhang and Oberhofer, “is a Foursquare-like mobile app with cash incentives to get you to the gym. Users create a Pact of how many days a week they want to get to the gym, and how much in Stakes they will pay if they don’t work out. When users fulfill their Pacts by checking in at the gym with their smartphone, they earn cash, paid for by those who didn’t make their Pact.” Currently, they have 50+ gyms registered as part of the application.

For interested users in Chile who don’t own an iPhone, Gym-Pact has partnered with a local Santiago gym chain, O2, to offer on-location check-ins, while providing group discounts for people using the app, available to download on the itunes store. They’re slated to release the Android version in early November and are preparing to launch internationally on January 1st, 2012– capitalizing fully on New Years resolution makers, adding “we’re so excited to see this happen!”

Yifan– GymPact