Hackers & Founders Launch New Website


Our great friends at Hackers & Founders – Silicon Valley  have recently launched a new version of their website that consolidates all of their programs while similarly providing access to their daughter chapters all around the world.

Hackers & Founders – Silicon Valley provides: meetups, Angel Office Hours (AOH), The Co-op, Hackers& Founders Lunch club, Bio Hackers & Founders/Bio+Tech, Hackers & Founders University and other resources. (delete:, resources, and chapters.)

  • Silicon Valley meetups are held in four cities around the Bay Area (SF, Berkeley, Mountain View, and San Jose)
  • Members may apply to AOH for peer review and the opportunity to receive personalized fund raising advice from a top Silicon Valley angel
  • Members who have completed AOH are eligible for admittance into The Co-op, Hackers & Founders’ collaborative incubator
  • Hackers & Founders Lunch Club is a way for members to connect in a small group, based on shared geography
  • Interest groups, like the H&F Biotech/Bio+Tech partnership, allow for like-minded entrepreneurs to connect
  • Hackers & Founders University will provide technical and business education to assist members in reaching the funding stage

Eventually, these programs will be made available to Hackers & Founders daughter chapters.

Connect with the Hackers & Founders – Silicon Valley team via their website, Facebook or Twitter @HackFoundSV. To discover Hackers & Founders’ daughter chapters and friends, click here.