GymPact: investment of $850k from Guitar Hero Founder!


Stand up and give GymPact an applause! We just heard from TechCrunch that this great team of suppers have something new and huge to write down on their company´s bio: $850K invested by “Mike Hirshland of, with contributions from the TEEC Angel Fund, Mike Dornbrook and Alex Rigopolous, the COO and co-founder of Harmonix (better known as the creators of Rock Band and Guitar Hero), Brightcove CTO Bob Mason, and others,” as reported on TechCrunch.

GymPact launched a website and iPhone app in January, always with the purpose of helping us go to the gym. Because they are including new activities and lifestyles on their promoted hobbys, they are even changing the name of the project to reflect this new era. Now, Gympact will be known as “Pact, Inc. to better reflect the company’s mission to build an incentives program for a wide range of healthy behaviors”, as they explained it at TechCrunch.

Make sure to congrat these suppers!