Start-Up Chile: No 1 in Latam and 4th worldwide

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The Global Accelerator Report determined that the Chilean entrepreneurship program is in third place among te accelerators that supported more startups in 2015 and fourth place among te ones that most invested. On another hand, Chile came up second in the top 10 countries that invest in startups, just behind te United States.




For second year in a row Fundacity and Gust conducted te Global Accelerator Report, a study that qualifies countries and accelerators worldwide based on the amounts invested and the number of startups accelerated during 2015.

The report surveyed more than 830 global organizations, in order to understand how they became accelerators and how they are financed, offering a vision of the future of this industry.

The different organizations were evaluated in terms of number of startups accelerated during the last year. The Entrepreneurial Spark, accelerator from the UK, and Plug and Play from California won first and second place respectively, followed by Start-Up Chile, who finished third with 250 startups accelerated in 2015.

Regarding the money invested, Start-Up Chile is among the Top 10, specifically in fourth place with an investment of US $ 7,049,130. This time, the first place was for the American accelerator 500 Startups, with US $ 18,750,000 invested.

In terms of capital invested in startups by each country, Chile is in second place with US $ 15,096,929, only surpassed by the United States.

To Rocío Fonseca, Executive Director of Start-Up Chile, this study demonstrates that the program has met its primary objective: changing the entrepreneurship mindset in Chile. “We have become a disruptive business accelerator, we have based our model on attracting talent and on cultural exchange. We wanted to bring the world to Chile and be a meeting point between technological culture and diversity in a monocultural country like ours”, she explains.

This is supported by the Chilean Minister of Economy, Luis Felipe Céspedes: “As government we intend to democratize entrepreneurship through initiatives such as Start-Up Chile, which empowers startups and supports innovative ideas. Thanks to this, the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Chile has evolved. Just six years after its creation, we are the number one public accelerator in the world, transforming Chile into a global platform”, says Céspedes.

As Natty Zola, Director of the American accelerator TechStars, told, “the purpose of an accelerator is to help startups grow by learning from experts, finding great activities of mentorship and connecting the entrepreneurs with a powerful network. They provide resources that reduce te cost of creating a new company and also the initial capital that a team needs to start working. They have become te new business school. “

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