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ThinkerThing got featured by Reuters, CNTV and CCTV. Watch them travel the country letting kids print things directly from their minds!

Sprayable Energy launched this week, and TechCrunch is talking about it!

Start-Up Chile has welcomed more than 1000 entrepreneurs from 64 different countries. We thought that had to be celebrated, so we invited suppers and everyone who has helped Start-Up Chile to enjoy themselves in a Meetup hosted by Horacio Melo, SUP’s Executive Director, and Hernán Cheyre, Executive VicePresident at Corfo. We had a wonderful time and the details were published by El Mercurio, Estrategia, and Terra. 

Backyard Brains and their SpikerBox got featured at La Nación! And is at

Startup Edoome got some TV time! In the Year of Innovation, a project revolutionizing education raised eyebrows at Canal 13. Check out the piece, here!

OECD published a report saying Chile is the second country is the region with the most considerable support for startups. Read more about it, here, and move to Chile!

Meanwhile, published an infographic where Santiago ranks #20 among the hottest cities for startups. They also made sure to point out that Santiago “even outshine[s] entrepreneurial darling Silicon Valley” with our awesome 20% of female founders. Check it out, here. 

Horacio Melo and the suppers at Ynnovable Design are on El Mercurio! Partnering with AIEP, we all launched a design contest. Learn more, here! 

Samantha Snabes, founder at RE:3D, got nominated for “Women Terra 2013”, among tech women. Vote for here, here! 

Parksys got featured by La Nación. They are finding great solutions to improve exams related to Parkinson diagnosis. Read more!

Jorge Araujo and Nubelo are getting featured in Colombian websites, while suppers at HackerHand got attention from Pulso newspaper. Venezuelan startup Appetite+ won Intel Challenge and got featured by El Universal and Pulso Social.

Hernán Cheyre, Corfo’s Executive VicePresident, talked to Pulso about Start-Up Chile. The interview touches on a few very sensible issues, you should definitely read this one!