Global Impact



FastCompany is the world’s leading progressive business media brand, with a unique editorial focus on innovation in technology, ethonomics (ethical economics), leadership, and design. Over the past two years, Start-Up Chile has been ranked in the top 10 ‘Most innovative company in Latin America’. In 2016, we were ranked in 9th place and in 2017 we rose 8 places to the 1st place.

GUST,  is a global SaaS funding platform for the sourcing and management of early-stage investments. They are widely known for publishing the Global Accelerator Report which provides an inside look at accelerator programs around the world.  In 2015, Gust surveyed 387 accelerators and named Start-Up Chile 4th as part of their selection of the Top 10 Accelerators globally.

The Global Innovation Management Institute, is the global nonprofit standard certification board for innovation and innovation management. In 2016, the GIM Institute named Start-Up Chile in its list of ‘Top 10 Innovation Accelerators’ in the world. Highlighting that a huge number of scalable startups have emerged from the accelerator program’s top 10.




Our model influenced the creation of 50 entrepreneurship programs across the world. However Malaysia, Brazil, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Peru and South Korea directly replicated our model. Similarly to our networks it is important for us to collaborate with other entrepreneurship programs so that together we can influence change.


The program was modeled after Start-Up Chile…designed to build
and grow an ASEAN community of startups that have the opportunity
to foster relationships and achieve a regional outlook”

Malasia, Tech in Asia


 Based on the innovative model from Start-Up Chile, Start-Up Chile launched
with a mandate to attract foreign entrepreneurs to the local consumer market
and foment domestic entrepreneurial culture”

Brasil , Tech Crunch


 “…based on the success of Start-Up Chile. It (Start-Up Jamaica) is designed
to transform business ideas over a period of about four months into effective
business plans capable of attracting investment”

Jamaica, The Gleaner




Since 2010, over 9,700 articles have been published about Start-Up Chile. More than 7,500 articles were featured in the international press and more than 2,200 published by the Chilean media. This amount of consistent media coverage shows that Start-Up Chile is both a disruptive public policy and a first mover in entrepreneurship to which audiences worldwide are interested in.


“Many countries have sought to create their own versions of Silicon Valley.
Nearly all have failed. Yet Chile’s attempt is interesting because it exploits the
original Silicon Valley’s weak spot—America’s awful immigration system.
When the home of free enterprise turns away entrepreneurs, Chile welcomes them”

The Economist, US 2012


“Now, thanks to Start-Up Chile a true startup ecosystem has been born,
with every main university in Chile offering its own masters in entrepreneurship
and many start-up events and entrepreneurship festivals”

Huffington Post, US 2016


“Chile has launched a program to attract talent from all around the world to develop
innovative projects. The country (Chile) have decided to invest in knowledge,
research and innovation to become the technology hub of Latin America”

RAI 3, Report, Italy 2014


“Start-Up Chile is no longer a single program, but three. The original initiative
is now called ‘Seed’ and focuses on projects which are already in operating and
need resources to continue growing and validating their businesses”

El Mercurio, Chile 2015




The nature of Start-Up Chile’s creation and its subsequent achievements have resulted in domestic and international academic interest. Universities such as the Harvard Business School, The London School of Economics and MIT have researched the effects of Start-Up Chile as an economic development strategy among others. Domestically, universities such as Pontificia Universidad Catolica and the Universidad de Chile have published studies focusing on entrepreneurship influencing cultural change and and the value of the traditional business accelerator.


 By bringing entrepreneurs to Chile from all over the world,
Start-Up Chile not only makes Chile better connected to the rest of the world,
it also contributes cultural change that creates more openness toward entrepreneurship”

‘Prosperity through connectedness’
published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)


“The Chilean government realizes that the risk-averse Chilean economy needs
to innovate in order to reach the next stage of development”

‘Disruptive government program for innovation and entrepreneurship hub: Startup Chile’
published by Faith University (TU)


“…provides access to distinguished international guests and encourages peer
networking, increases exposure to the community, involves greater
supervision and provides entrepreneurship know-how”

‘Do business accelerators add value? If so, how?’,
published by Epic Lab Pontificia Universidad Catolica.


“…changing the entrepreneurial environment by altering the sociological
and psychological attributes of its constituent”

‘Boulevard of Broken Behaviours: Socio-psychological mechanisms of entrepreneurship policies’
published by Stanford University




Nowadays, the way to help high potential companies go global is to build a network of collaborators with the same mission: to help startups change the world through innovation.

We have created a network of partners; incubators, accelerators and startup programs all over the world that want to help startups succeed. Establishing relationships with overseas partners, create more legitimacy globally as well as promotes collective action to promote the development of entrepreneurship.

Start-Up Chile facilitates diverse kinds of professional networking activities both domestically and internationally. The availability of these networks to entrepreneurs has benefits such as connectivity, know-how, risk-sharing, seed-funding and technical or marketing services.

Through our partners we consider potential entrants to Start-Up Chile and refer our participants to them. Depending on needs we assess where our startups can excel globally and also which can grow from Chile.

Start-Up Chile has created and operates within a network of + 60 Investors and Venture Capitals, 260 active Mentors (both national and international), 160 National and Multinational Companies, +100 Global Partners and over 4,500 Alumni around the world.