Give them something to talk about! Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs in the press


We are having so much fun at Start-Up Chile! As you heard, last week we hosted our DemoDay in the midst of DemoBattles, where Start-Up Chile startups battled against AngelHack talent. The press coverage began with outlets like El Otro Mate, Nación.clExtendPulsoTransMediaMundo En Línea,  EducamericasCity and Diario Estrategia, who made sure to let everyone know they were invited to the event.

On Thursday, Nov 21st, lights went ON and there they were: 15 startups once again on stage, facing the questions of great judges. Newspapers La Hora, La Cuarta, and MiPymeInnova followed the event closely, while LaTerceraLUN, and Estrategia told the whole country that Material Mix won the DemoDay! Our dear Allison Carmen gets to travel to Silicon Valley and keep meeting investors!

On Sunday, Start-Up Chile talent got the chance to battle against AngelHack! And we are proud to let you know that the startup BoxFox was chose by the judges as the very best startup of the whole competition. Chris Palmer will join the EMERGE Americas Conference in May! Newspapers Pulso SocialLa Nación and Pulso are spreading the word.

But life goes on, and neither the DemoDay nor DemoBattles stopped the Start-Up Chile teams from creating that WOW effect in the press. Pulso Social published about the next big things in medical startups. Check out the Start-Up Chile projects included in their piece!

The United Nations wanted a little bit of the Start-Up Chile experience at the Global Entrepreneurship Week, and our friends from ProChile in Italy jumped in to help giving a conference on SUP and our mission in Switzerland. Read about it at Revista Qué Pasa

CNNMoney published a piece featuring American founders who decided to launch their business in Chile. Talent from more than 65 countries is welcomed at Start-Up Chile because all of us, together, are leading an entrepreneurial revolution in LatAm. Your talent is welcomed, your passport is non relevant.

GoPlaceIt got the attention of Diario Financiero. Need a new apartment? Make sure to check out the solutions they have to offer. Efizity is going big, and Diario Financiero heard them, too: they are trying to help Chile be more efficient in its water and electricity consumption.

Qué Pasa magazine, in Chile, is featuring the young talent changing Chile’s face with technology. Our much, much loved Bre

SUPper Eduardo Labarca, Chilean, was chosen by the MIT review as one of the top 5 innovators under 35 years old. Eduardo’s creation,  Acquatico, allows you to explore the ocean controlling small submarines from your computer.

A startup from Chile wants to bring water everywhere, and CNNMoney gave special attention to TOHL when they published the above-mentioned piece.