Get the virus, become an entrepreneur!


The more you read about entrepreneurs, the more you’ll want to be like them. Get the virus, become an entrepreneur and live up to your full potential!

The Next Web published an interesting piece on immigration and innovation hubs. Start-Up Chile believes talent knows no flags: we have welcomed entrepreneurs from more than 50 countries. Read the piece HERE and apply until June 27th!

The Pie News is also publishing about the crossroads between entrepreneurship and immigration. We only have to say: look at people’s talent, not their passports! Read the piece, here! 

Caro Rossi, Start-Up Chile’s rockstar business development gal, published a piece about the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem of Chile at the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business’ blog. Read it here!

Thinker Thing is printing objects directly from your mind! and that caught the BBCs attention. Read about Thinker Thing, here!

ContentForest is “Your Source for Awesome Writers” says Killer Startups! 

ComparaBien is nurturing the local press with their great studies on the economy and the different opportunities people can take an advantage of. Read them on El Mercurio!

Entrepreneurs Nathan Lustig and Enrique Fernández lead “DePe” (De Emprendedores Para Emprendedores), an amazing initiative that is taking place in the north of Chile. DePe is a 3 month class on entrepreneurship, “We built the crash course on entrepreneurship we wish we had when we started out” says founder Nathan Lustig to Pulso Social.  DePe had its DemoDay this week, congrats!

3 years ago, Start-Up Chile began organizing meetups. At the time, it was a rare thing to do in Chile: people were not used to them, and just a few would join. Now, there are about 4 meetups every week in Santiago, some of them can have up to 100 attendants. Start-Up Chile decided it was time to innovate: welcome to our Open Coffees! Lets gather and network before the workday begins! Qué Pasa magazine is talking about it! 

Felipe del Sol, founder at  Admetricksis sharing his Start-Up Chile experience at FayerWayer!

Edoome got featured at Terra! Kuddos for those trying to improve our education system!

Simon Schuetz and his Kickstarter campaing to “put the awesome back in maps” got featured on Slate magazine! and Good! Make sure to help Simon and get some awesome customized maps in the process 😉

Suppers behind TOHL are having the time of their lives! They got featured on Bloomberg and got accepted as Echoing Green fellows! Watch them on TV below and learn more about their awesome innovation with pipelines.