Get the keys to the castle: talking about entrepreneurship and innovation at Finis Terrae


On Wednesday, some suppers will give a talk at Finis Terrae University. Friends at “la Finis” want to hear about how to get there: how to become a global entrepreneur and live off your ideas and creativity, building a successful business. Horacio Melo, Samir Rath and Marijn Berk will inspire the audience with their expertise.

Learn more about them below!

Horacio Melo, Start-Up Chile´s Executive Director: As a Commercial Engineer, he has worked for PyG and Latin American Airlines as a Marketing Manager. He is devoted to contribute in whatever is needed to turn Chile into a developed country. He strongly believes that entrepreneurship and innovation are key tools to achieve this goal. He enjoys soccer and outdoor/extreme sports in his spare time.

Samir Rath is an entrepreneur and angel investor working with entrepreneurs globally. Currently, he is the founder of Synovum Partners, a group of committed professionals who work with start-ups and SMEs to launch and grow impactful companies across geographical boundaries. In Chile, he is a co-founder of Mas Con Movil, a Startup Chile company, providing productivity solutions to the retail industry. He recently started a co-creative space Area51 in Cochin, India to facilitate interaction between entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, musicians, mentors, industry experts and investors thus hoping to create a thriving innovation ecosystem. He is an associate partner in Acumen Fund, a non-profit private equity fund based in New York, which is redefining the way capitalism can be harnessed to address bottom-of-the-pyramid problems. Previously, he was instrumental in setting up one of the most prominent financial trading firms in Asia. He started his career as a macro-economist and worked with senior public officials and ministers from IMF, WB and various countries as well as advised financial institutions on expansion strategy for Asian markets. He is trained as an Integrated Circuits Engineer, is schooled in design thinking at AC4D and is currently part of an experimental business education initiative between IE, Spain and Brown University, USA.

Marijn Berk was named 2011’s best young entrepreneur, and was awarded a scholarship by the Kauffman foundation, which brought him to Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and Silicon Valley. But that’s not all. Berk is more than just a clever young businessman. He leads the way in creating clean portable power sources for mobile devices and making mobile products truly mobile. Berk designed his own patent-pending charging technology that optimizes power delivery to the phone without requiring a battery. By simplifying existing technologies he made the charger cheaper, easier to use and at the disposal of users in developing countries.

When? Wednesday, May 16th, 9am

Where? “Sala de Exposiciones” at Universidad Finis Terrae main campus, Pedro de Valdivia 1509