Get loud! What are they saying about us in the press?


Propzmedia is a social marketing platform that enables brands, agencies and publishers to reach and engage users through multiple devices and digital channels. It completely integrates user registration, profile management, social coupons, gamification plugins, reward and referral systems, and extensive analytics.” This is how folks at Pulso Social described what the team at Propzmedia have created. The team commented on how their product interacted with the different experiences and situations their participation at Start-Up Chile put on their way. Make sure to read the piece HERE (June 15th) got featured at FayerWayer! Russian entrepreneurs Alexey Sudachen and Olga Marchevskaya´s great talent is highlighted by Cony Sturm´s writing at FayerWayer, form Betazeta Networks.  The piece highlights how Teggo´s games can be played while the whole game is still downloading. A great product that you can get for just a few bucks here. Read Cony´s piece HERE (June 13th)

Jon Karlem, from BostInno, wrote about Start-Up Chile and Chile as an innovation hub after his first visit to the country. He is well-versed on how does the startup world work in Brazil, but didn´t have the chance to come to Chile until now. Here are his thoughts, check the piece out HERE (June 12th)

MiBuzzTV began turning heads during our Demo Day. This really promising startup was chosen to be featured by CNN Chile and, as you know, once you get some media attention, they all start coming in. We are happy to let you know that La Segunda published a detailed piece about this startup and the great story behind it. Ramiro and Roxane shared all kinds of info with Camila Muñoz from La Segunda, from how the idea for MiBuzz TV was born to what´s next for this project. We are pretty sure they can revolutionize the way content´s impact is considered among editors, brands, and the general audience. Kuddos and best of luck with your future ventures, MiBuzzTV! You can read the piece HERE (June 13th)

Junar got featured by La Nación in Argentina, which is great since they just launched and we all can benefit from learning more about them. Open Data is a great opportunity for individuals, companies, and governments, and Junar knows this very well. read their piece HERE (May 29th)

The #SUPBoat is kinda trending up to this point! On Tuesday, June 12, the #SUPBoat visited San Francisco, Buenos Aires and Campinhas, and media attention continues rising. Diario Correo in Peru is getting excited, its great that they talk about us since Sebastián Vidal, our Operations Manager, will be spreading the word about Start-Up Chile over there. Read the piece HERE (June 12th) The event is also publicized HERE.  Folks at Hacker Cave are getting ready for our visit as well. Alumni Joseph Darnell will share his experience with our friends in Mérida. He´ll be hosting a meetup on June 16. If you are around, check details HERE.

Regalii got a tremendous recognition last week. They were awarded as  2012 Fellows by Echoing Green, one of the most prestigious institutions out there founding projects for which social  impact is a priority. Regalii´s great success got Pulso Social´s attention. You can read the piece HERE (June 12th). Pulso Social also published about Vulevú, who is getting lots of attention lately, congrats! Read the feature on them HERE (June 12th).

TuCreaz is one of the brand-new team of suppers, and they are already raising eyebrows: TuCreaz is a network for independent designers, and they got featured by Radio Cooperativa. Click HERE  (June 3rd) published about BookingMarkets, created by supper Paige Brown who you might remember as creator for Tripeezy. “We are breaking barriers to entry for travel industry entrepreneurs who want to monetize the accommodations space,” says Brown. You can read the whole piece HERE (June 12th)

Remember last week folks were talking about us at The Economist? Well, just like in high school, nothing makes you popular as quick as the cool guys talking about you. Today, El Mercurio published a piece about how Chile is perceived as a role model when it comes to attracting entrepreneurs. Start-Up Chile rules and you can read the piece HERE (June 12th). The whole discussion is still making noise, now in different languages: Le Monde in France followed-up on the discussion opened by The Economist. Use all the technologies at hand so you can read this piece, the discussion is getting pretty interesting. They wrote about Start-Up Chile under the title of “Visa restrictions deprive the U.S. of promising foreign entrepreneurs”. Find the piece HERE

Truth to be told, #SUPBoat made noise since it set sail! Start-Up Chile´s staff, alumni and entrepreneurs are traveling around the globe looking for the best entrepreneurs for the program´s 5th round of applications! It got featured at Pulso Social! Check it out HERE (June 12th) and folks in Brazil spent some ink to publicize Carolina Rossi´s upcoming meetup in Campinhas, Brazil. We love iGStartups, make sure to read their piece HERE (June, 12th).  Friends at took notice about the SUP Boat and you can read the piece HERE , so did Camila Carreño from Webprendedor and you can check out her writing HERE (June 11th). Our friends at Brazil are getting excited as well: check out Webholic´s story HERE (June 11th). Atrévete Hoy is making a difference: they decided to highlight that the SUPBoat is visiting chileans cities as well. They titled teir piece under “Start-Up Chile opens its 5th round of applications and will land on Concepción this Wednesday.” We can´t wait to visit such an important Chilean city! Read their piece HERE (June 11th)

We kicked off the week with both and Agent Piggy  featured by El Tiempo, from Colombia, because of the great job they do providing people with resources to handle their finances better. Considering the internacional economical crisis, there is no better time to manage our money properly and to make sure to teach our kids what an important skill that one is. Kuddos! Read the piece HERE (June 11th)