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Nibu has one of the best solutions to give internet access to everyone in the neighborhood (no, its not hacking anyone’s network). Internet access in cafes and restaurants tends to be unreliable, because open networks often end up that way. Nibu found a way to make businesses internet access more reliable, while sharing about them on social media and building a bond between businesses and their customers. Read more about them, via Publimetro! (Spanish)

CoContest has raised $200,000 in funding! We are so happy for them, and so is The Next Web. Let’s celebrate together, here. 

Nico Berman talked to El Mercurio during our 5th DemoDay. He thinks LatAm needs even more awesome, high-impact startups in order to boost the whole local startup ecosystem. Read him here (Spanish)

LatamLeap got featured at Diario Financiero. Keep an eye on them, LatAm entrepreneurs, because their goal is to connect you with investors. Read more, here (Spanish) is a new social media network built to promote local businesses. Its available as an app for Android and iOS since just a week ago, but it already has +3500 users. Check them out, here (Spanish)

Orangutrans got featured by El Mercurio! Let´s hope people find a way to pay less when moving, and using ALL of their truck’s space! Read more, here (Spanish)

Brickflow launched this week! Peter Langmar took some time to talk about the idea behind his venture and the biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur. Read him here