Get inspired! Read about entrepreneurs in the press and join them!


Forbes published a piece featuring the experience of an entrepreneur in Chile. What’s great about it is that he didn’t come because of the Start-Up Chile program, but has been able to feel and recognize the impact this community is making. That’s a great thing to hear! Read about his experience and what he has seen, here at Forbes! identified the smartests cities in LatinAmerica, with this meaning cities with a strong focus on innovation and lots of entrepreneurs devoting their potential to make citizens’ lives better. We loved that they gave us #1 in their ranking! Read more about it, HERE.

Diego Sáez-Gil is the inspiring Start-Up Chile entrepreneur behind WeHostels, which just got acquired by Student Universe. Diego is sharing what he has learned in this amazing journey. Read his tips at Tnooz!

On Monday, December 9th, we announced the startups that will join our 9th generation! Pulso Social highlights the potential of the community to become big in Healthcare & Biotechnology. Check it out, here!

The Financial Times is publishing a column by Jonathan Moules on Start-Up Chile: the good, the bad, and what the entrepreneurs say. Check it out, here.

They are writing about us at Digital News!

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