Get inspired, become an entrepreneur! Here are our heroes, on the media!


Pulso newspaper published about the many applications that are being developed here in Chile. It is definitely becoming a trend, and Start-Up Chile is associated with it the piece. Horacio Melo gives context about it, here.

Supper Ryan Chacon writes about “The Lemonade Stand Fallacy” and his piece is getting quite an awesome response from readers. You can find the piece in English on our blog, or in Spanish at FayerWayer.

Chuck A. Holloway is the President of Start-Up Chile´s advisory board. He visited Chile during our last Demo Day (March) and talked to El Mercurio about the challenges of building a Silicon Valley-esque  entrepreneurial ecosystem. Read him here.

Floqq is joining 500 startups! Read about them at Andes Beat, Hoy x Hoy, Startup Buzz and El Mercurio. 

LegalJump got featured at LUN! Forget all the nasty paperwork, get everything done online and legally!

Corfo, the Chilean government agency for development who supports entrepreneurs and runs Start-Up Chile, is supporting 3 new international VC funds so they start operating in Chile. Start-Up Chile is mentioned at Terra as one of the initiatives that is working to build the strong entrepreneurial ecosystem that is now attracting international funds.

From now on, Start-Up Chile is in charge of Global Connection, Corfo´s program designed for Chileans who are ready to take their startups to a next level and make them go global. Pulso Social is talking about it, Innovació as well, and the applications are due on April 30th.

Floqq got featured by Hoy x Hoy! 

The Social Radio is now also designed for the visually impaired! Really great news! You can always be more inclusive, and a tool than democratizes information. Suppers at The Social Radio absolutely got that right.

Nathanael Smith, founder at AdLast, wrote about Hackathons and why are they important for an entrepreneur’s education, on FayerWayer. Read the piece here.

Pic by  Waleed Alzuhair on Flickr (cc)