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FIIS got started! Take a minute and check out what this awesome festival with music, innovation, and great thinkers has to offer. The most talented entrepreneurs and organizations got together and organized this amazing festival to say loudly: we need more social innovators NOW! There is a fun revolution taking place and you definitely don´t want to miss out. Read about it at El Mercurio 

Bureo Skateboards just got here, and Forbes is sharing their awesome mission: “Turning Trash Into Skateboards”. Welcome to our 8th generation, Bureo Skateboards, enjoy your time at Start-Up Chile!

We are hosting a DemoDay with Brazil on Monday (investors only) and Tuesday (everyone is invited!) and Diario Pulso writes about it! and El Mercurio thinks you should attend. This is a historic event, make sure to attend! Two different government supporting their entrepreneurs together? I’m sure we have never seen that before!

Representatives from the OECD visited Chile and commented on the country’s economic and social performance. We are very proud to say that Start-Up Chile was the one and only public policy directly mentioned and commented on OECD’s report. We have worked incredibly hard to contribute to the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem, and its an honor to see that work recognized and validated. Local newspaper El Mercurio commented this in their editorial and Terra published about the report, too.

“Tight immigration rules divert high tech brains from Seattle to Santiago” titled PBS’ Newshour for their story on Start-Up Chile. James McBennett from Fabsie shared his experience launching a startup exploring design and furniture and not being able to operate from the U.S because of Visa issues. We love having James here and enjoy watching him take over the world with Fabsie. You can watch PBS’ story HERE


Fantáxico got some attention from La Nación, who labeled the startup a platform that “reacts positively to changes in the industry”. Check out the piece, here.

Did you know that Chile is choosing a new President on November? Big deal! there is, of course, a national conversation on politics and we are happy to see that Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs are building things that help people get informed before they vote. Please meet  Populus and read about them at FayerWayer!

Ambiotek SpA is getting attention from Cañal 13 Cable’s TV show “Todo por la Ciencia”

TXLC Cap. Ambiotek from ZETADOC Producciones on Vimeo.

Entrepreneur Conrad Enusa wrote a blog post at VentureBeat exploring the efforts of three different Latin American Countries to become the leading tech hub of LatAm: Colombia, Chile, and Brazil. You can read his opinions, here.

Nearshore Americas published a piece on Start-Up Chile and the challenges ahead. The article explores on what we consider success and the metrics to evaluate the program’s performance. Read about it, here.

Wisboo is spreading the word about Startup Camp Latam, which will be hosted in just 2 weeks from now. Read more about the event, here.