Generation 4 is in Santiago: here are the projects of those who got here last week!


Last week, you probably saw a few tweets and some writing about Start-Up Chile´s fourth funding round being now complete and in Santiago. Last Monday, the last group of suppers we were waiting for to complete Gen 4 finally made it to Santiago. After a couple orientation days and some paperwork that had to be done (and a party!) we were able to listen to their first pitch in front of the Start-Up Chile community. This allowed everyone to know exactly what are these suppers doing. Here is some info about them!

Real Filling     Real Filling will feed the world with play; our game, the Green Dream, procedurally advertises local farmers to drive sales of Real Food.

Voltaic Coatings        We are helping transform the way consumers will interact with technology. We will provide a new high-tech material that will allow manufacturers to create the next generation OLED displays, OLED lighting and Thin Film Solar Panels.

Lexplique   helps globally-minded businesses expand internationally by providing information on foreign legal environments around the world.

¡Sí, Santiago!  We will promote growth of Chilean businesses through arts-driven tourism and commerce

Touristlink brings travelers together with each other and with local travel businesses on the same destination oriented social platform

Review Trackers       Review Trackers makes monitoring and responding to online customer reviews simple, fast, and easy

MercoFact      We offer SMBs access to an efficient and centralized market where they can get better financial conditions for their Accounts Receivables

Only Bloody Human Online resource to share short documentaries about expeditions, enriched by the communities

Talaentia         Tool for self-development. Social Network from Self-development.

Spy Games     Live acting, choose your own adventure kind of game.

Event Ray      SaaS  web and mobile application that provides the tools a meeting planner needs to plan, organize, and execute their meeting or conference.

grabHalo        grabHalo: A new messaging service where users can send mass text-messages to other people anywhere in the world!

Formafina      E-commerce site for home deco in LatAm. High quality home decor accesible to all. We also help designers get more exposure.

Glovico           Our site helps you connect with language teachers from around the world

Cloud Computing     Cloud computing is the fastest growing phenomenon in the world. Corporate data centers are moving to the cloud, and companies are now able to buy computing power as a service instead of having to incur heavy capital expenditure, and are also benefiting from the utility model of “pay per consumption”.

Gargani          High-quality, affordable customized shirts. You book a style advisor, we´ll show you fabrics, you customize the shirt and we deliver!

Arden Reed   Customized suits!

Edvivo            Video-based learning environment

LinceLabs      Ophthalmologic biotechnology center, focused on medical research and application. Featured product:  Amniofilm: Cryopreserved Amniotic Membrane for eye surface reconstruction.

Queuelo       Queuelo is a Virtual Queue Management App that allows customers to organize and control their appointments in real-time.

Knowledge Unplugged       Online open access research article library!

Imaginate      is an augmented reality startup, that is building interactive digital kiosks to market and sell unique apparel in a lean way, using little space, and by letting consumers virtually try them.

Kimeltu         web platform that allows educators to measure students’ performance and monitor their progress by taking easily generated tests.

Sumomi         We aim to improve education quality in the U.S. by providing parents, teachers, principals, and districts with powerful data analytics tools for decision making

La Red     Solution for the Spanish-speaking community with an interest in China

Speedelo        Make more of your time. With Speedelo you can… Order your morning coffee before leaving the house. Beat the lunch lines with a few simple clicks from your office

Chuzer           Decision engine powered by friends!

OmbuShop    We´ll improve the LatAm´s experience of buying online!

Mi-Arch          Allows freelance architects to connect with individuals

Memeoirs      Physical books from your email inbox!

Aentropico     On-demand and automated cloud based data analysis, visualization and reporting toolbox to aid evidence-based decision making in businesses

Joldit  Peer to peer marketplace that allows people to rent their unused spaces to individuals in need of storage.

Beagle BioInformatics         A solution for fast and reliable genomic analysis. We are aiming to enclose the existing gap between computational and biological sciences is a renowned Argentine online delivery website that is looking to revolutionize the food ordering industry in Chile, and therefore Latin America

Studio Pangea          Games based on ancient cultures

JoinCube        Joincube is an Enterprise Social Network that integrates online collaboration and gamification to improve business productivity

Hoopy  is a fun and social way to send gifts among friends on Facebook and Twitter

Socialance      Professional network to connect freelancers and employers around the globe

Double Alley  Lifestyle items that help fans express how much they love tennis

Win The Planet        Bringing together NGOs and the gaming industry, taking the best of both worlds!

4Vets  E-commerce with supplies for vets!   Couchy is a marketplace of services for individuals with a strong online reputation

Bench Banking         Today to quote for the best financing alternative for customers and business is very hard. We´ll fix it!

Brainstorm    Our company vision is to both improve the education in Chile and provide a means to help standardization across different socio-economic levels and geographical locations, all this through a dedicated user-friendly online portal.

Targeter App            Targeterapp targets visitors on your website on the basis of visitor data and gives them actions that are more likely to convert them into paid customers or users.

Otto clave      Sterilization through boiling!

TextCorner   Information agency based on crowdsourcing, for everyone

Resermap      Online restaurant reservations

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