Generation 3: The Stats Behind the 100 Startups

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As we announced last week, 100 startups from 36 different nations have been selected as part of Start-Up Chile’s third generation. They’ll join the other 219 startups that have previously been funded by the program creating a total of 319 startups financed in just over one year. Our goal? 1,000 startups before 2014.

Startups by nationalities, taking into account all team members:

USA: 67
Chile: 57
Argentina: 13
India: 11
Brazil: 10
Canada, Spain, UK: 8
Mexico: 5
Germany, Italy, Romania: 4
Denmark, France, Hungary, Peru: 3
Australia, China, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, South Korea: 2
Bolivia, Colombia, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uruguay, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden: 1

Most frequently represented Universities:

Instituto Técnico Santa María
The Wharton School

Industries each startup falls into:

E-commerce: 19
Education: 14
Social Media/Networks: 12
IT & Software: 11
Mobile & Wireless: 9
Tourism: 6
Clean Tech, Biotech: 5
Finance, Natural Resources: 4
Media, Social Enterprise: 2
Other: 6

Of the 100 teams (40% of which are comprised of entrepreneurs from more than one country), 55 will come to Chile with three participants, 28 with two, and 17 will be represented by a single founder. Sixty of the 100 have been working on their startup for six months or less, 26 for 6-12 months, 11 for 12-24 months, and three for over two years.

We’re very much looking forward to everyone’s arrival to Chile in February and March of 2012; please follow us on Twitter to maintain up-to-date regarding their advances and achievements. Again, congratulations to all!