100 global companies are ready to join Start-Up Chile Seed generation 17

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More than 1300 startups applied to Start-Up Chile. The companies selected come from 15 industries, such as Information and communication technologies, Education, Healthcare, amongst others. Founders and their teams will receive 20 million pesos (about US$ 33,000), a working visa for a year and access to one of the largest startup community in the world to accelerate their startups in Chile.


The last Seed application process for this year, which took place in September, has ended with more than 1300 entries. Now, 100 global startups have been chosen to come to Chile.

In this new generation, the most represented countries are Chile (26%), USA (18%), Brazil (11%), Argentina (8%) and India (6%).



As for the industries, the most represented are from Information and communication technologies (17%), Health (12%) Education (10%) and Financial services (6%).



Regarding the gender of the founders, 22% are women and 78% are men. This is the higher amount of female founders in the Seed program ever.

The companies selected for the generation 17 will start the program on 13th February 2017. All the founders must be in country during that week to begin the orientation process and start their experience as Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs.

As a requirement, entrepreneurs must remain in the country for at least 6 months (the duration of the program) and help spread the innovation spirit through participating in social impact activities, sharing their experiences with the chilean ecosystem.

The startups will also have the chance to apply to the new follow-on fund Start-Up Chile SCALE that offers CLP 60 million (approximately USD 100,000) to companies that have significant traction, are generating revenue and that need the extra capital to grow in Chile and expand to the rest of Latin America. Only companies that have first passed through the six-month program will be eligible to apply for this fund.


ladies and gentlemen, meet generation 17!


Afinidata: Afinidata uses mobile phones and community workshops to provide access to early childhood education tools that empower parents to be their child’s first educator.

AGRON Solutions: We offer affordable and efficient technology for agricultural soil protection. Our first product measures soil health through sensors, to provide instant feedback for soil treatment.  GRON solutions will allow farmers to know what they absorb from soil so they can restore it on time, and maintain soil fertility.

APOIA.se: APOIA.se is a 21th century patronage, where creators and NGO’s earn ongoing revenue directly from the communities by making a living doing what they do best. Paying a few bucks per month OR per post released, it’s a way to join your favorite makers of the stuff you love.

Appbase: appbase.io is the first commercial streaming database that’s offered as a hosted API and an on-prem deployment software for building modern apps, realtime analytics, and new age IoT based software. 1000+ apps with 100M+ API calls have been built with appbase.io in 2015 alone.

Aquality: This Service identifies and characterises networks of drinking water pipes with increased risk of contamination of the flow for the ​presence of sediments, measuring parameters as turbidity, pH, etc, remotely and georeferenced. The data is sent to a web server to make better decisions concerning the critical maintenance of these.

Ark Paradigm: Ark Paradigm provides clients a functional and versatile data management solution to drive data-driven analytics on prospective, screened, and invested companies. Having eveloped advanced artificial and human intelligence tools, the company has eliminated the time and cost required to collect, analyse, and visualise data from company due diligence material.

Aussi: Micro and small entrepreneurs and businesses who lack management knowledge and want to share their experience in businesses development with other entrepreneurs.

Babaiola: Babaiola is the first travel meta search for the LGBT community. Babaiola helps you find all the information about your favorite destinations, local attractions (pubs, museums etc.), gay-friendly hotels and cost-effective flight offers. Babaiola allows to plan trips and exchange information with the thousands of like-minded users of our community.

Bederr: Bederr is a mobile and web platform that helps companies to communicate benefits and communications in general. The communication to user is thought mobile apps that group locals and benefits programs of the city. We also have services of leads, notifications, mobile payment, analytics and white labels.

Belcanto TV (formerly known as “Voonge”): Belcanto is a video streaming platform that connects you with the best cultural events from all around the world. You can enjoy operas, ballet, classical music in one app on your smartphone, tablet and smart television.

Bemo: According to WHO, 1 in 5 people need psychological counseling in India. Bemo’s mission is to bring quality, counseling to people who need it, when they need it. We are working with one of the foremost institutes of Neurosciences to create engaging therapy techniques to help you be more.

Bhive: Bhive is the first and largest MBA marketplace in Latin America, connecting elite talent to short-term project for multinationals in the region. Our goal is to redefine labour engagement for business experts, giving them the flexibility to decide where and when to work, while driving cost down for companies.


Captiz: Captiz is designed to help film professionals reach global audiences. Captiz marketplace connects customers with freelance translators available right now (in 38 languages). The solution is at least twice as cheap and 3 times faster than competition, and brings the competitive advantages of pirate subtitling to the legal offer.

Careband SpA: Careband is the smart band through its high-tech sensors register t °, oxygenation and pulse, recording every sign, and informed when they leave the normal range by alerts the smartphone, also stores the data in a virtual medical record, to always know that our children http://www.curvilux.comoccurs.

CefMed               : CefMed is a cephalometric software that has applications on the health area, specifically orthodontics. This online platform allow users to connect from different computers and also do team work. The user can purchase one licence at the time and make an online payment.

CFOremoto: We provide financial intelligence services to Small & Medium Businesses through a Fintech SaaS. The software is in the cloud and uses machine learning algorithms to generate real time customized reports, financial statements, recommendations and alerts to our customers, supported by professional and high quality financial advisory post sale service.

Coinaction: Coinaction is Bitcoin-based platform, which enables instant currency exchange transactions for final consumers, in a cheaper, more secure and convenient way. We establish a connection between you, the tourist, and an international trusted network of welcoming establishments, able to buy your bitcoins with local currency upon a much smaller fee.

Curvilux: Beautiful flat pack furniture, that are multifunctional, easy to assemble with built in technology, since we believe that everyone should be able to have an easy to install, affordable and beautifully designed smart home without experiencing awkward furniture delivery, high prices and painful setup.

Czar Securities: Czar is building an ecosystem of cyber security products and services. We aim to be the one stop solution for web security in this world of ever increasing threats. Our ecosystem brings all the stakeholders i.e hackers, security testers, businesses on one common platform to work hand-in-hand.

Data Campfire: Data Campfire is a crowdsourcing marketplace for Data Visualisation skills, where businesses can crowdsource data solutions through hosting their project briefs. Teams of people with skills in statistics, design and development can find team members with different skills, pitch for these briefs and showcase their work to the community.

DGfoot: DGfoot is a comprehensive platform for feet wellness. DGfoot manufactures orthopedic and comfort soles. Based on an automated test that recognizes the particularities of each foot it optimizes the sole’s specifications and manufacture it in-store. After a quick coffee, the customer can walk out with the perfect sole for him.

DJPROFILE.TV: DJPROFILE.TV is the first online tv channel in LATAM dedicated to electronic music and dj culture. Content is our business, we distribute it via on-demand or streaming, aiming to entertain, inform and educate our audience, using the most modern techniques of video  production, content generation and inbound & video marketing.

drsafehands.com: We are one stop shop for all health needs that are too intimate to share. We have the best specialist doctors from different parts of the world who handle issues like sexual health, mental health, fertility, pregnancy, cancers and so on. We have a special clinic for LGBT community.

DUKO: Duko provides dog sitting and walking services through a network of trusted/verified caregivers, promoting animal welfare (cage-free sitting services) and responsible pet tenancy. Clients have a limited vet care guarantee in case of accidents. Owners choose the ideal caregiver depending on location/experience, book and pay through the website.

EatAbout: EatAbout is democratizing eating out by empowering chefs and passionate home cooks to host guests in their home. We tackle the disconnect between you and your chef, helping you eat fresher food and interact directly with your chef in their home, which is significantly cheaper than restaurants.

Endomast: A topic lotion to restore cow’s teats affected by bovine mastitis or maintain a healthy one. This lotion includes natural antibacterial, wound healing, antioxidant and hydration properties which are not addressed by actual products in the market. These properties come from endophytes fungal extracts isolated from a traditional medicinal plant.

Ennomotive: ennomotive is a platform that uses the power of global engineering talent to solve industrial challenges. Companies post their challenges in our online platform and our engineering community provides solutions. The potential problem-solvers compete and win cash prizes, projects and recognition.

Evaluados: Evaluados is an online platform and app which allows teachers to have immediate feedback of the topics they have taught. Transforming the cell into an ally for the classroom.

ExpertPro: ExpertPro is a Senior Consulting Marketplace where you can contact professionals with extensive experience in executive positions on the main sectors and industries in Latin America. You can hire their services directly through our platform or complete our inquiry form to send quickly the best recommendation.

Fairbooks: Fairbooks is the first authorized self publishing platform for the FanFiction world. Fan around the world can now write, read and PUBLISH their stories based on the characters from Books, Comics, Movies, Series they love. We provide a publishing site and a mobile App (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Feriaferió SpA: We are a marketplace dedicated to encourage the recycling of clothes and independent design. We carefully choose every product that our users publish on our website, giving them purchase warrants and free returns. Our goal is to be Latin America’s best community where you can look, buy, and sell clothes.

Gamii, SpA: Gamii’s app based ecommerce platform features a simple implementation interface allowing any client the ability to get their site up quickly. Gamii apps will provide industry specific tools and evolve with client needs. When a new application is activated, the clients website automatically reacts, eliminating development cost and time.

GeekBox Chile: GeekBox Chile is a monthly suscription box full of Geeks collectables. The membership is cheaper than buying products in retail. Every month a new theme release, always related to the Geek / Nerd / gamer world. All the GeekBox include a limited edition shirt designed by us.”

Gencomex: At Gencomex we provide solutions to the foreign trade market, with an online service that gathers all the logistics operators information. We work as a bond between companies that required freight services and those who supplies it, making them have more efficiency on their operations management.

Glupa: Glupa is a fundraising platform that gives funds for NGOs in a creative and different way. Users receive products and services from various companies in exchange for a monetary cooperation with an NGO of their choice. Those companies contribute to society, get new customers and obtain online & social marketing.

Golazzos: Golazzos is an award winning social game of predictions for Soccer Fans. We enable fans to predict the outcome of games, share them socially and participate in a fun competition against others and themselves. Players play with points and progress to achieve badges and recognitions.

GrowthHax: GrowthHax provides a simple, automated, mobile platform that connects entrepreneurs to vetted business coaching & mentoring services at a fraction of the traditional cost. GrowthHax builds your network for you so you don’t have to. We offer to entrepreneurs & enterprise groups.

Humblee: Humblee helps companies quickly create social videos every month. By connecting businesses to a curated network of freelance video producers that work with proven social video templates, Humblee makes video production inexpensive, quick & ROI-positive.

Husky: Husky is a platform for international move of funds that empower clients with relevant and transparent information, eliminating bureaucracy. Our engaged team simplifies and support the whole logistics of the financial relationship between companies.

Hyperreality Technologies: For  home-owners who want to visualize interiors,  our product is a reality mirroring immersive visualization tool using VR, unlike  2d video walk-throughs and images, our  mobile based solution  enables consumers to generate the VR visualization using only a floor-plan  and a Smartphone themselves.

ifarmacias.com: iFarmacias built a platform that helps users manage their most common day to day medication/health ordeals by connecting them with verified doctors and pharmacies. An android app that lets users first chat with a physician or have a medical consultation and forward that prescription to the nearest pharmacy.

Int Data Labs, Inc.: At int.ai we are building analyst bot who can understand business data and serve data needs of business users. With the help of sophisticated machine learning algorithms and by leveraging the power of conversational platforms like email, slack etc our platform is able to deliver automated insights better, faster, cheaper.

intAR21: intAR21 is responsible for developing educational augmented reality resources to strengthen the stimulation, the teaching and the inclusion of preschool and school age children. We encourage the learning processes transforming the classroom into a world that comes alive.

JITbase: JITbase offers a web-based platform that helps companies retaining their employees knowledge and increase their performance. Intuitive, easy to use, visual with image and video, JITbase offers the first solution where every employee can seamlessly capture know-how in minutes, building a growing knowledge base.

JournoRequests: We’ve flipped the PR model upside-down: instead of pitching a journalist with a story they’re not interested in, we help businesses feature in articles they’re in the process of writing.

Klipbox: Klipbox is news monitoring and analysis platform that allow public relations to understand better trends, famous people popularity and Brand crisis. We provide information extracted from news and publications on social networks using cognitive technology to help PRs work on strategies for their clients or companies.

Koomper: Koomper is a web platform that allows publishers to present and manage multiple types of content in the same space without changing code and without using multiple files. Through the Banner Rotator function publishers can increase their ad inventory, showing multiple creatives that can rotate in the same space.

Kwema: Kwema is the smart jewelry made for safety and powered by community. It’s a bracelet with a hidden panic button. If you need help, you can press the button to send a message with your location to friends, family, local authorities and our community of app users near to you.

Latin Hosts: Latin Hosts is an exclusive network of Airbnb properties that assists Hosts and Visitors from the moment of booking through the Visitor’s arrival, stay and departure. We supplement the work of each Host to ensure a better Visitor experience and provide Hosts with tools and services to maximize their income.

Linguician: Linguician uses Music Streaming Services for the purpose of Digital Language Learning. The use of commercial and individually customized music and lyrics offers the user a distinctive language learning experience. Linguician applies smart Machine Learning Algorithms to take the user’s language level and music preferences into account.

LinQ: LinQ is a Human Capital Management Company, created to deliver a simple and efficient solution for managing the payroll process, and the services associated. We focus on a holistic approach that puts in the center the user experience, under the premise that anyone can pay salaries.

Loyagram: Loyagram is a cloud based, real-time customer experience management & analytics platform which help businesses to capture actionable customer feedback across different touch-points through offline, online and social channels, proactively reducing churn to increase retention & revenue. Loyagram measures customer experience and tracks loyalty.

Mü: Mu is an interactive musical toy for children between 2 and 5 years old that  widely stimulates the senses  and motor skill so children can create and challenge their creativity beyond the  two dimensional limits of conventional touch screens used today.

My Job Studio: We are a social company that connects young talent with startups where they can feel motivated and perform their knowledge gained on their studies formal or informal. We connect the small and medium business, startups, universities, schools, to help them to find each other. We’re startups headhunters.

MyStrengthBook: We solve one question: how do athletes design the most effective workouts possible to maximize their performance?  On our web-based platform, athletes build workouts and track their training data by analyzing key performance metrics.

NexAtlas: Flight planning is a vital part of a pilot’s job. It requires extensive gathering of information from a number of different sources, not always available through digital media. NexAtlas offers a “Google Maps for aviation” solution that considerably facilitates pilots access and understanding of the most important flight related information.

Nutrisato: Nutrisato is a liquid additive that solves the deficit of nutrients in plants, derived from organic molecules, which improves growth and development of fruit, vegetables and crops in general with low impact in the environment, developed to be helpful for farmers and improve the agriculture worldwide.

OfficeRiders: My home is your office. : the OfficeRiders collaborative marketplace is disrupting the workspace market by enabling professionals and businesses to rent under-used private spaces to work. OfficeRiders is meaningfully remodeling the workspace market, introducing the most affordable and flexible way to work with intimacy or with others.

OpenFn (Open Function): OpenFn is a completely-customizable integration-platform-as-a-service, unlocking the power of technologies by connecting them. Instead of building out costly custom integrations, organizations use OpenFn to configure sophisticated data-flows between vital technologies in minutes. Users have already driven over 500k transactions across our servers, getting quality information to decision makers faster.

Oreegano: Oreegano is an online community with a technology that allows to extract and show nutritional facts form any recipe posted by food lovers, allowing everybody to become aware of what they eat. This makes possible to provide innovative and dedicated services for nutritionists and companies interested in food and nutrition.

OTTAA Project: Alternative communication system for speech impaired people. We allow people with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome & Aphasia to communicate in a fast an effective way by using a simple and environmental comprehensive app that gathers information to give a tentative result of most suitable pictures to create a sentence.

Parasym Health               : Parasym Health is an institution backed bioelectric medical device company that provides an innovative new treatment for chronic diseases. Our treatment has applications to over a dozen conditions, without any of the side effects of conventional pharmaceuticals and can be provided at a fraction of the cost.

Players’ Lounge               : Players’ Lounge is a digital marketplace and social platform for gamers to play competitive sports video games for cash and prizes against anyone in the world — enhancing the casual­ competitive gaming experience. Players’ Lounge also provides a desirable platform for brands to target millennials.

Psicologia Viva (Psyalive): Telehealth marketplace to do online consultations between sychologists and patients. One stop shop solution to online schedule, payments and do consultations. Providers pay a monthly signature from a virtual office and our solution find the most adequate prychologist to needs of each patient.

Quick Questions: Quick Questions is a platform that allows market research professionals to create and conduct engaging short surveys right inside messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. We’re fixing the $42Bln Market Research industry’s main problems: simple representativity and data reliability.

Quiickly                : Quiickly is a startup that offers erotic experiences for couples. Each month we establish a topic around which we designed boxes as toolkits, so customers can recreate the sexual fantasy proposed. We seek to Foster creative ways to love, embracing sensuality while promoting sexual education and awareness on safe sex.

Radar: We provide the management teams of schools with key educational metrics and analytics through a web platform where they can manage and take online surveys to their stakeholders. This way, we help schools understand and prioritize their efforts to achieve continuous improvement.

RAQN Interactive: RAQN is a platform that facilitates the integration of educational interactive software (games & smulations) in schools, by means of a catalog of validated content, mapped to school curriculum and able to measure students’ interaction, interests and performance against learning objectives.

RockMass Technologies               : RockMass Technologies is improving rockmass assessment, making data collection more efficient, accurate and safe. Our device, the RAM-1000, is a mobile handheld evice that geoscientists can use to make more informed assessments of how stable a tunnel is or where rocks may fall.

Sabius: We connect experienced seniors (45+)  with people willing to learn from them, through in-person interactions (workshops/classes/consultancy/etc). In Sabius you can learn abilities like art, music, languages, business, hiking, science, to name a few. Interactions between the seniors and students are given for example in homes, classrooms or public spaces.

SensorGlobe: Technology solutions based on Internet of Things and big data for decisión making through monitoring and real-time alerts of critical parameters in air, water and soil to improve production efficiency of enterprises, Foster the sustainability of the planet and improve people quality of life.

SeSocio.com: SeSocio.com is an investment Marketplace that allows unsophisticated investors to get part through crowdfunding and with no minimum amount in investments alternatives that were previously inaccessible to them. Our Capital Market model includes a multicurrency trading platform, where investors can sell their shares, giving them liquidity.

Shopyak: Shopyak is an e-commerce builder for single page stores that provides advanced features for optimal conversion rates. The seamless application lets you build your store in minutes with no coding required. Test mode, optimised templates, automatic a/b testing, payment integration, hosting and multiple store management allow anyone to profit online.

Signa: Signa is a platform that provides online courses for deaf, helping them to prepare their professional activities through content created in sign language, with their culture and their teaching methodology. We are the new Netflix of sign language courses.

Simplify us: We analyze 24/7 your online business data, and tell you precisely what’s working and what is not. We can tell you not only where users leave your website, but why they do, what product has the highest ROI and where you should invest your marketing money.

Sky Agro Solutions: SkyAgro develops software and integrates hardware to assist in decision making for Agro, through intelligent image processing and data taken by UAVs with minimun user intervention. We created our first product, a drone that flies automatically processing the images.

Slicar Carsharing: The Uber for short-term vehicle rental.  People can rent vehicles located around the city for hours or days and they only need one time subscription to booking a vehicle whenever they need. We are an alternative to buy a car and people share one car with other users.

SmartBridge: Businesses want access to excellent health and life science expertise when it’s needed, flexibility in terms of how to engage specialized experts, and at a price that delivers great value.  We created SmartBridge to connect businesses with top health and life science experts on a freelance basis.

SmartPoll: SmartPoll is a Mobile platform that simplify the one-to-many communications and displays the information using Big Data and Augmented Reality techniques.

Sportty: Free live streaming service for amateur and recreational sports that offers a 4 camera-switch and a pay-per-view system to sell tickets.

Spot: Spot gathers price information from the web to measure the pulse of inflation on a daily basis. Accuracy and timeliness are critical for banks, insurers, pension and mutual funds, etc, and Spot analyzes more data sources and delivers instantaneous updates, giving insights to make better decisions and react more quickly.

Strime: Strime is a web-application designed to simplify the way video producers collect corrections from their clients. Allowing the client to annotate directly on the video, Strime facilitates the project management and drastically improves the communication.

Stylerz: Stylerz is a website and mobile app that connects consumers with the best stylists so you can search and book your next beauty appointment online knowing you will be on the best hands with the best professionals near you.

Teca Cloud Inventory: Multichannel orders and inventory management platform that makes it really easy for spanish-speaking small-and-medium sized retailers to control their stock and business in today’s sales multichannel market. With Teca you can forget the time-consuming spreadsheet-based stock control as it automatically updates your stock movements generated in multiple sales-channels.

TECNOACTIVE: TourPlay es una Sistema de entretención a bordo inalámbrico que entrega al pasajero contenido audiovisual, publicitario y opciones turísticas en el lugar de destino. Entreteniendo e informando durante el transcurso del viaje.

Telecuidado: Telecuidado is a telemonitoring system for elder or dependent people. The innovative service consists in a wearable device connected 24×7 to a central monitoring unit, that receives vital signs, location and signals from the user. If an emergency is detected, we contact the user, relatives and health emergency if necesary.

THINKey: THINKey Box is a FUNctional STEAM kit modeled on a freemium subscription service. Monthly, THINKey Box is delivered with educational hands-on-science activities accompanied by online enrichment content aimed at kids between the ages of 4-12.  The integrated learning of STEAM makes every experience unique, highly engaging and low- cost.

Touchcard: Touchcard helps E-Commerce retailers get more sales from existing customers with automated, high-converting physical postcards.

Trigger.Systems               : Trigger.Systems developed a cloud platform that eases the control of systems such as irrigation, lakes, pumps and others. Using exclusive calculation models based on weather forecasts it can make automatic decisions about the systems. It can achieve more than 40% in water savings, provide convenience and reduce hard labor costs.

TriggerInn: Searching for perfect hotel,flight or tour & package is a time consuming and tedious process. TriggerInn intends to change the industry dynamics by approaching and solving the problem from Buyer(user) to Seller (service provider) side instead of Seller to Buyer side,which is the way industry works currently.

TripHappy: TripHappy is mapping the world’s travel routes to make travel, and travel marketing, better. By mining data from our users and public sources, we are compiling a database of travel itineraries that will be used by both destination marketers to advertise more effectively and travelers to make trip planning easier.

TruePani: TruePani is aimed at improving point of use drinking water quality in underserved areas through our copper lotus.  Our product is simple and effective and designed to easily be integrated into daily life.

Trunk: Trunk is aimed to generate a motoboy / courier service layer on top of the ride-hailing app drivers distributed along LATAM, reducing the the delivery cost about 30%, maximazing spare capacity on vehicles (trunks) and optimizing delivery rutes based on packages consolidation and their every day passengers routes.

UWorks: Digital platform delivered to the company for use by its workers (web/mobile) that allows binging and facilitate the realization of daily or tedious activities of each colaborardor, allowing them to produce them in the company. This thanks to a network of providers of specific services, undertake these roles.

Vendiste.com: Vendiste.com is a mobile app that allows people to create their own garage sale from their cellphones so they can buy and sell second hand products with the people that live around them. This makes it easier to complete transactions and avoiding most of the risks of buying online.

visor.ai: Visor.ai is your company customer support virtual advisor, introducing auto replies and Artificial Intelligence in written interactions (messenger, email etc.) with your clients, increasing your service level and reducing your costs with staff.

Vulpi: Vulpi is a Saas that makes the hiring process of software 80% faster and 70% cheaper on average, by giving companies a user friendly online platform. Through the usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Vulpi seeks to deliver the professional that best fits the needs of the client.

Worcket: Worcket is the internship recruitment tool that matches  the right candidates with the right opportunity through a strong algorithm facilitating connections with hiring managers. It leverages video profiles, making the search process more human and efficient. It’s millennials and SMB’s ready, increasing the span and reach of internship programs.

Yaydoo: Yaydoo is a platform that brings everything your company needs, on-demand. We connect your company with hundreds of selected suppliers and on-demand service providers through a digital procurement concierge app and web marketplace. Companies save time and money automating recurrent orders, centralizing invoices and buying supplies at wholesale prices.

Zenklub: Zenklub is an end-to-end curated marketplace for mental care. An online platform where people can have access to quality mental care – anytime, anywhere – and in turn therapists have an online office and branding platform.