G17 race through Santiago for Icebreaker Day

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Last Friday, Generation 17 gathered outside of CETOF to begin Icebreaker Day where all teams engaged in a 4 hour city-wide Treasure Hunt.

Community Builder Andrea, welcomed the group and gave out important guidelines as to how the day would unfold. Under the hot Santiago sun, clad in Microsoft #AzureClouder t-shirts the group were treated to lunches from Banco BCI as they strategized in smaller teams of 10-12. The team that returned to CETOF first with the highest amount of points would be proclaimed the winner!

Participants were tracked by SUP staff using social media as they moved around the city, using the hashtag #IcebreakerDay and many using their new WOM simcard.

Many Chileans assumed leadership roles as they showed off their city to new-comers. Teams mapped out their routes and made tracks across the city, the public was disrupted by questions such as ‘What is the meaning of ‘weon?’ and ‘What should I do incase of an earthquake?’

Journeying through Baquedano, teams took photos with monuments and were careful to take a picture with the WOM billboard to gain extra points. Chilean parks are often filled with couples, hugging and at times, kissing. Icebreakers interrupted to get candid photos with the couples.

Many teams mapped out similar routes and coincidentally gathered at Santiago institution ‘La Piojera’ at the same time. Teams indulged in ‘Terremotos’ and ‘Chorrillanas’ before completing their day, some enjoying more than one Terremoto. Bella Vista proved the most popular place to try street-food and accompany it with a Becker Beer. Those who ventured this way, included an encounter with a curious Llama at the base of Cerro San Cristobal!

Santiago is known for it’s approach to street art particularly its murals. All over the city, the creative influence can be seen in images of Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda among others. Participants gathered around Colombian Artist Botero’s Fat Horse in Parque Forestal as well as Unidos en la Gloria y en la Muerte taking pictures with their BancoBCI pet.

Teams became acquainted with the many street dogs, ‘Quiltros’ in Santiago, and cats, arguably the happiest street dogs in Latin America. Some of which were wearing bandanas, shirts and were seen safely crossing busy streets.

In the heart of Santiago, teams attempted a human pyramid in the front of Plaza De Armas, many before visiting the Mapuche Statue and one of many Cafe con Piernas or Coffee with Legs!

Teams were welcomed back at CETOF by Becker Beer, where they enjoyed a schop and waited for the results to be released.

The Winner of G17, Treasure Hunt is: Los Pitufos!

We must thank, Banco BCI, Microsoft,  WOM and Becker Beer for their ongoing support!

Tomorrow activities will continue at Intro Day in which every G17 startup will present a 3-minute pitch. This Friday, the inaugural SUP Lunch for G17 will be hosted by Start-Up Chile staff at CETOF, the theme will be Chilean cuisine! Hola Pastel de Choclo! 

You can see more participant activity by searching #IceBreakerDay on Twitter!