From Italy to Chile: Challengein Announces 2.0 Launch

Projects & Participants

Challengein’s team, headed by Italian developers Claudio Carnino and Nicoletta Donadio, is proud to announce the release of Challengein version 2.0, a game platform whose users can create games about their passions, without dealing with code and programming. The startup’s services also include a Game-as-a-Service for businesses where any business can create a game (through self-service or assisted service) to launch, for example, a new product, to welcome new employees, to teach or test employees competences, etc.

As part of their 2.0 strategy, they’ve added four new games:

  • Smemo, a memory image game
  • Switch, move the words into the right category
  • Pyramid Image, image trivia
  • Intruder, find the intruder into a group of six words

Available in English, Spanish, and Italian and on the Apple iTunes store, Challengein is free to download and only requires iOS 4.0 or later and 10.5 MB on the operating device. Claudio, the co-founder, says that “this 2.0 is just the start of the path of our new strategy– it’s an important release for us because of the pivots we’ve made.”

They’re currently working with Chilean companies to continue developing their games and tactics and if you’re interested in taking part in their advances, please contact