Start-Up Chile Alumni: From Israel to Chile, SayYeah Keeps Capturing Attention Around The World

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Santiago, Chile, Oct 20th, 2015 / WISEgroup/ — SayYeah, the award-winning start-up of the Wolves Summit Poland and part of AltaClub Israel, today announced it has joined Start-Up Chile.


Just a month after announcing joining AltaClub part of AltaIR VC in Israel, SayYeah captured the attention of the Chilean government through its program Start-Up Chile, a program looking to help startups from around the world to be part of the local market and help them in the process of raising investment.


Thousands of young companies from around the world had applied to this program created by the government, but just a few are selected to be part of it. Entrepreneurs with great ideas and startups with a huge potential are stimulated to create scalable businesses contributing to the local economy and to expand their ideas into a global markets.


SayYeah integrated by CEO – Paul Bojarski, CCO – Gabo Ramos, COO – Jonny Williams and CTO – Aron Yechezkel and its innovative platform are looking to change the way people watch and interact with digital content, bringing different worlds such as entertainment, live streaming and social networks all together in a whole new experience. Its proposal is already getting the attention of big brands, media groups, celebrities and major record labels in the European and US Markets. The platform is still in a beta version, but already had a great deal with a company part of Sony Pictures, not too bad for a young company that has already more than a hundred celebrities and artist from Latin-American signed and ready to use the platform that will launch the official version in Europe in 2016.


“Being part of Start-Up Chile represents for us, not just a huge help in our process but the recognition from Chilean government letting us be part of this program is an honour” commented COO Jonny Williams.