Fresh off the Plane: StartBull, Clubpoint, + Magnifis

Projects & Participants

Santiago, Chile’s Airport, 7:30 AM. It’s still dark outside and the temperature narrowly reaches 2ºC (36ºF), a climate very different from that which the members of StartBull, new Start-Up Chile participants, are accustomed being from Colombia. Santiago Pineda, the 22 year old founder of StartBull arrived after a 6-hour flight with his three teammates: Juan Pablo Pineda, Eduardo Gartner, and Juan David González.

Although young, StartBull is Pineda’s third company. His last garnered more than 10,000 users in Colombia alone and, with StartBull, he seeks to achieve similar success– only this time, by targeting Latin America as a whole. The startup is a web-based business whose platform aggregates, shares, and compares all relevant information regarding capital markets. A goal of theirs while in the Start-Up Chile program is to create a similar platform that will democratize knowledge of capital markets by having concerned and involved users actively participate by adding different points of view while providing collective feedback.

StartBull Arrives to Chile

Following StartBull by only 30 minutes, Juan Pablo Torras, co-founder of ClubPoint arrives to Chile from Buenos Aires, just across the Andes Mountains. is an online flash-sales club offering exclusive brand-name products with discounts from 15% to 75% off retail prices that he’s been developing since 2008. It consists of a members-only retail ecommerce site– users must obtain an invitation to gain membership and enjoy its benefits, and has received ample attention from investors.

During his participation in Start-Up Chile, he’s looking to release a new version of his existing website and start expanding to the entire Latin American market. After gathering his luggage, he meets his  “Padrino” (a group of young people living in Chile who help ease the new participants’ landing), Óscar Giraldo, founder of Arcaris, and heads into the city.

A few hours later, Vladimir Getselevich touches down from Israel, after 23 hours on a plane. The first thing he mentions is that he’s “exhausted, but excited to be in South America for the first time.”  His Padrino, Nicolás Guiloff, expects that the Padrino program will be beneficial for all saying, “I want him to adapt to Chile and integrate to Chilean culture. I lived in England and they were really welcoming, so the idea is that they adapt to Chile that can be a closed culture and they want to stay in our country,” he says. Getselevich, with the support of Start-Up Chile, wants to keep developing his startup Magnifis, an information recognition software which has over one million users in Israel.

We warmly welcome all new participants and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the rest in July!

Vladimir Arrives to Chile