To accomplish our goal of positioning Chile as the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of Latam, first we need to empower Chilean entrepreneurs and boost the startups ecosystem. That’s what we do at the Founders Lab, where founders support founders.

Our methodology

We focus on five stages where Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs can interact with the local community and make a lasting impact

  1. Inspire

  2. Create

  3. Build

  4. Support

  5. Grow


Inspiration is the first step in changing people’s mindsets and building a community of innovators. By sharing their experience, Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs motivate Chileans to think outside the box.


The best way to learn is by doing. Our entrepreneurs organize and participate in hackathons and events, inviting people to create with them side-by-side.

Ideas Lab

Successful creation requires knowledge, practice, and teamwork. Ideas Lab combines all three by having attendees learn, put ideas into practice, build teams, and start creating.


An idea is worth nothing until it’s built. Our programs help transform thinkers into doers.

SUP Bridge

Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs help Chileans go from concept to product using validated methodologies like lean startup and customer development.


We believe in a collaborative environment where helping others is a must and where sharing knowledge makes it more valuable.


This pre-acceleration program is a vivid image of collaboration. Here experienced entrepreneurs mentor peers in earlier stages to help them achieve their goals. The ingredients of success are community + knowledge + hard work.


We believe that a community of entrepreneurs without borders has the power to help entrepreneurs worldwide.

SUP Meet

Every two weeks, entrepreneurs meet for coffee to start the day with an extra shot of energy and a nice entrepreneurial conversation.

Get involved

If you are a Chilean institution and are interested in promoting entrepreneurship within your organization, contact us at