Floqq launches in Latin America the largest online course catalog in Spanish


Floqq, a startup originally from Spain, offers 600+ educational courses in the form of high quality videos for an extremely low price for anyone who wants to perfect or improve any professional or personal skill via the internet

As of March 19th, Floqq, the largest online-formation platform for Spanish speakers, will be running operations in Latin America. Their regional expansion has been made possible in part by two important investments: €405,000 from European venture capitalists and USD$40,000 from the Start-Up Chile program. Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru are the countries in which Floqq will concentrate the majority of their efforts (due to each nation’s high level of internet penetration).

This young international team, comprised of more than eight nationalities, knows that education in LatAm is expensive. They know that, for many people, continuing to develop one’s professional abilities in an educational institution is next-to impossible. Currently, a similar situation is taking place in their native Spain.

The idea, therefore, is the result of experiencing in first person the problem that many young professionals face: the disconnection between one’s educational formation and one’s job. It’s for this reason that Floqq offers a multitude of courses (approximately 600) in the most highly demanded abilities required in today’s workforce such as Excel, Photoshop, Social Media Marketing, and Google Analytics. At the same time, they offer lighter courses for people wanting to develop hobbies like cooking, guitar, or different languages. Everything they offer is set at a low price– the average cost of a course ranges from USD$10-20.

A need and desire for this kind of platform was shown almost immediately. Floqq experienced a boom of 3,000 users during their first week of existence and, now, over 12,000 users have logged over 15,000 hours of online courses.

Professors teaching Floqq’s courses are experts in their fields who live day-to-day what they teach. The recognition each one receives comes directly from their students– this way, the best professors in each subject will be positioned transparently and not via false advertising.

The co-founder and Director of Marketing of Floqq, Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, says: “the skills that are demanded by the labour market constantly change and the rhythm is so fast that the traditional system of educational formation makes it almost impossible to keep-up.”

For more information about Floqq please visit www.floqq.com or watch below!

¿Qué es Floqq? from Floqq on Vimeo.


About Floqq

Composed by a team of young professionals from the USA, Spain, Germany, France, Slovenia, Cuba, Russia, and Chile, Floqq provides a Web platform where anyone can find and offer educational courses about the most demanded skills in today’s workforce taught by expert professionals. The user has the opportunity to create their own menu of educational formation according to their specific needs.