Flipter is making some noise! Step by step, building the world´s largest opinion database


Flipter, Salvador de la Barrera´s creation to make polls fun and trustworthy, is making some noise both in Chile and in Singapore. E27, devoted to cover “the companies, people and technologies that are changing Asia´s web and mobile ecosystem (that´s a mission we can relate to) got in touch with Flipter´s team to hear about the latest news in the company. Its great to hear that Salvador and his team have been able to build a strong relationship with the reporters at E27. Sometimes, its not just about getting featured once in a major publication, but rather about being wise enough to establish a long-term conversation with those reporters who are genuinely interested in what you do. Good job, Flipter!

Oh, and they also haven´t gone unnoticed among Chilean reporters. On Monday, Diario Financiero featured Flipter describing them as “a platform with great potential for those in the fields of politics or marketing.” Awareness about Flipter is growing, its just a matter of time for the Chilean media to start using their services. Keep up the good work, friends at Flipter!