First “Demo Battle”: Backyard Brains vs. Motion Displays


Happy day, friends. The Start-Up Chile family is happy to tell the world about our newest creation: “Demo Battles”. Because having great abilities for pitching is crucial for an entrepreneur´s life, we came up with an idea to make pitching training fun and effective. On a “Demo Battle”, two entrepreneurs will be on stage and will pitch in less than 10 minutes, facing the challenge to be effective, professional, and fun at the same time to captivate the audience and the attention of potential investors.

This will be a public event. Actually, it will take place at a huge and really hip bar: Centro Cultural Amanda, in Santiago. Now that is some positive peer pressure, right? It will be you, your pitch, another entrepreneur pitching his/her idea next to you, and 300 people, many of them entrepreneurs, watching you on stage and suggesting how you could improve both your startup and your pitch. Talk about peer training.

We came up with the idea for “Demo Battles” because we are very aware of how important it is for an entrepreneur to be able to pitch amazingly well, whether it is in front of Grandma, an investor, or a room with 300 people. So we will help each other out until our pitching skills make jaws drop!

When will the first Demo Battle take place? Wednesday, June 6th, at 7.30 pm. Backyard Brains (along with a few humble cockroaches) will be presenting exactly how the neurons in your brain work, using our latest tools and technologies. Come see if this open-hardware education company has what it takes to live another day… While Motion Displays will be ruling the night with their technology. Come and watch a hardware to hardware action taking place at the same place and time.

When?  Wednesday, June 6, 2012, 7:30 PM

Where? Centro Cultural Amanda. Embajador Doussinague 1767, Local 0027D, Cobres de Vitacura , Santiago (edit map)

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UPDATE: The press is getting interested and excited. How much we love that! Here is a link to the pice published at Canal I  and the one at . AndesBeat took a step ahead and interviewed us about the Demo Battles.

So. Convinced already? Will we meet you there?