The startup competition search for the most innovative Fintech startups in South America extended for two more weeks


Our friends at Finnovista have extended the deadline for entries to FINNOSUMMIT Challenge which aims to discover the most disruptive and innovative young businesses in the region. Projects originally had to be submitted by 4th November but the new deadline is 18th November.




At Finnovista we want to support the most transformative startups during the launch of their projects. For this reason we have organized a top tier competition, in which we are seeking the most promising and innovative projects throughout South America. We aim to help propel these projects to new levels so that they can revolutionize the financial services industry in the region.


What is FINNOSUMMIT Challenge?


FINNOSUMMIT Challenge is a competition that looks for promising startups in South America with the potential to transform the regional financial services industry. Its main objective is to promote Fintech entrepreneurship in the region and to help both finalists and competition winners reach the next level of development, giving them visibility, specialized mentoring, greater access to funding and partnerships with industry players, in addition to the opportunity to participate in the world’s biggest Fintech launch platform: Startupbootcamp Fintech FINNOSUMMIT Challenge is a unique occasion for Fintech startups, because both finalists and winners will be able to participate in activities organized by Startupbootcamp Fintech on a regional and global level, in addition to participating in the regions biggest Fintech forum, FINNOSUMMIT, where more than 300 Fintech innovators will discuss and debate new technologies and frameworks that will transform the industry.


If you are a Fintech startup specialized in Banking or Insurance, you won’t want to miss out on what is a unique opportunity. Finalists and winners will have the chance to participate in activities organized by Startupbootcamp Fintech and pitch their businesses at the region’s biggest and best Fintech event, FINNOSUMMIT, which takes places in Bogotá and will be attended by over 300 Fintech innovators who are changing the financial services landscape.

We strongly encourages you to apply to FINNOSUMMIT Challenge! Applications close on 18th November. Apply now! You can find all the details of the competition at the following link