Fibras Andinas Awarded with ‘Agrarian Innovation’ Funds

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Often found at high altitudes (up to 13,000 feet above sea level), Guanacos are llama-like animals that populate the mountainous Altiplano regions in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia. Their coats, prized second only to the rare Vicuña pelt, are most commonly found in luxury fabrics as it compares to the best cashmeres of the world.

Jorge del Carpio, the founder of  Fibras Andinas, a 2nd Generation Start-Up Chile participant, produces exotic and exclusive yarns spun from the Guanaco fiber that he seeks to expand internationally as part of the program. After having arrive to Start-Up Chile in November of this year, he was most recently the recipient of further funding from the Agrarian Innovation Foundation (FIA), having competed with over 110 other projects to garner the award.

The specific project he seeks to develop utilizing the Start-Up Chile and the FIA funds is the Industrialization and Commercialization of the Guanaco Fiber whose “proposal entails the industrial processing and global marketing of the guanaco fiber, rated among the finest in the world together with vicuña,” says Jorge, a native of Bolivia living in the North of Chile. He adds that “successful achievement of the project will help us consolidate our vision to position Chile as an exporter of exotic, luxury fleece and yarns” and that, as a team, “we so excited about this achievement!”

USD$300,000 is the maximum amount of funds awarded to each selected recipient that can then be used to finance up to 80% of the total cost of the project for a term of up to 36 months.