Fancy cabs, ads optimization, you name it: new businesses being talked about everywhere


Horacio Melo, Start-Up Chile´s Executive Director, just published a text at FayerWayer about 4 things to do to foster collaboration among entrepreneurs. Check it out HERE! (In Spanish)

Transportar Online is on The Next Web announcing they raised angel investments so they grow supper-fast in Brazil! Pretty cash is coming from former DHL’s CEO for Global Customer Solutions, Hans Hickler, The Next Web says. 

Escapar made it to one of the biggest newspapers in Colombia. Congrats, team! You can learn more about how to find just the right plane ticket you needed with the help of Escapar. Read about it, here!

JoldIt wants to be the “AirBnB for parking”. They just launched their beta version in Santiago. Don´t miss out! They are also published on LUN. Just a great way to match those who want to rent the parking spaces they have available, with those desperate to keep their cars in a safe place.

Aentrópico is convinced “on the power of clear, actionable data in the context of journalism” they say. And that´s why they partnered with “La Silla Vacía” and the result is an awesome piece of investigative reporting.

KidBox got recognized because of their innovative mindset. It there anything better to be awarded for? They will be traveling to Barcelona in order to compete for the Mobile Premier Awards. They ar enow among the 20 finalists.

QONF got mentioned by Andrés Pallaro on his blog, and Start-Up Chile got to be called “admirable”. Well, thanks! Read about more awesome startups from Córdoba on Andrés´blog.

Caro Rossi, who leads Start-Up Chile´s Business Development, is writing at FayerWayer about meetups. Did you know she leads all the Start-Up Chile efforts regarding meetups? That makes her one of the first people in the country to ever organize meetups consistently. Meetups are definitely part of the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem now, so there is a lot we can learn from what Caro has to say. Read her HERE. 

Did you ever dream of having a t-shirt with Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book stamped on it? just imagine it: the whole book can be read on your t-shirt (or in a framed poster, if you will) and the words create an image related to the story. That´s what Litographs does! Read about it on Business Standard! 

Admetricks keeps rocking the press! They´ll help you measure the impact of your online campaigns so you don´t go around paying for banners and ads that don´t translate into $! Read about them on and Zapping LatAm.

Memeoirs got featured on Emol and the online news site is also joining the startup to offer its readers a chance to win a free book with Memoirs. What great gift for Valentine´s day! Check out the details, here! 

Pic by  Steve Rhodes on Flickr (cc)