Face value! The Start-Up Chile values make us who we are


We wholeheartedly value transparency, sincerity, and integrity as means to creating lasting relationships between the Start-Up Chile members and the community that surrounds us. Being loyal and direct with one-another is fundamental to fostering a flourishing community of solidarity and, in that manner, we will be able to maximize our networks and credibility.

These series is about the Start-Up Chile values, as experienced by the suppers. They are going to share how are the Start-Up Chile values experienced on a day-to-day basis. This week, we share how “Face Value” is experienced. 3 suppers share their experience!

Ryan Chacon, founder at Stupil, on Face Value

My experience here at SUP Chile has taught me a lot. Coming to a new country, unsure of what to expect is a tough change for anyone, let alone someone who is coming to build a start-up. But something I noticed very early on here at SUP Chile is the sincerity and integrity in which the staff and fellow team members worked with. Everyone loves being here, they love what they do and they all share a common belief that the goals of SUP Chile are incredibly important. Not just pertaining to start-up success but also to the relationship with the surrounding community. This program uses tax payer dollars and for some that is an uneasy feeling, but SUP has done an incredible job connecting with the community to give back and provide a tremendous value to the chilean community. That is a goal from day one, and because of the staff’s passion behind that goal, it is easily carried on by the new teams that arrive for the program. This is something that carries over to so many other facets of the program and is a tremendous asset for SUP Chile.

Celeste North, founder at Nuflick.com, on Face Value! 

We sometimes overlook some of the most important parts of having a startup. Startups are people. And people build relationships when they are building products and services that will reshape our world. This is why being honest, transparent, loyal and caring is basic to companies working in Start-up Chile. By sharing our path of learning, building and sometimes hitting walls, we create a community that stays with us even after you leave Santiago. We create bridges of friendship and professional respect to help us grow together.

Hadrien Raffalli, founder at cottonTracks, on Face Value!

People you will meet in the program are exceptional and helpful beyond borders. My co-founder and I recently visited Silicon Valley to raise funds. In the middle of the trip we discovered a terrible bug on a platform we were not equipped to test at the moment. Luckily, Harsh one of our fellow round 6 participant who happened to be in the area, stopped everything he was doing, picked us up in the middle of nowhere with his car and drove us to an office were the equipment we were looking for was available. This is the kind of network you get at Start-Up Chile. International and Awesome.”