Expense Comparison: Chile vs. Silicon Valley


One of the many reasons Chile is an attractive country in which to launch a business, is the lower cost of living as compared to it’s Northern counterparts such as the US, Europe, or Canada.  The differences are considerable and such an impactful factor in entrepreneurship is something to consider with great weight. 

Three US dollars for nearly two pounds of avocados is a definite perk, and when it comes to labour costs, Chile becomes an even more incredibly attractive location.  Average salaries vary vastly from those up North, by more than up to half– which is the economic norm in numerous entrepreneurial arenas. 

This chart was taken from a Chilean Start-Up company that is now one of the most influential and largest companies in its sector.  Created in May, 2010 the figures are accurate and speak profoundly on the advantages of developing a start-up company in a country such as Chile.  All figures are in US Dollars.

  Availability Scarce Accessible
  Junior Engineer 1-yr Salary $85k $30k
  Equity 1% No Records
Real Estate      
  $ per sq ft- monthly $3-5 $1-2
  Incubator – Monthly Starting at $500 Starting at $400
  Fee $/hr $ 600 $ 200
  Equity 0.5% No Records
Marketing & Sales      
  Top Salesman 1-yr Salary $120k $50k
  Commission 1% n/a
  Rent $1000-1,500/mo $350-700
  Food, etc $500-700/mo $100-200/mo

//Would figures like these prompt you to pick-up and move South?

//If your business is not located in Silicon Valley, how do these figures compare to your current situation?

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