Everybody is Here: Welcome Generation Sixth Batch 2 !!!


We are more than excited here at Start-Up Chile. The whole sixth generation is already in Santiago! Last week we welcomed the second batch of 59 suppers. This group also applied to Start-Up Chile between September and October 2012. And now they are ready to make this experience the best one of their lives.

E-commerce is the most strongly identified industry on generation #6 (24% of the selected), which is then followed by Mobile & Wireless (10%), Media (10%), IT & Enterprise Software (10%) and Social Media & Social Networks (10%). The entrepreneurs joining generation #6 come form 31 different countries!

This week they are ready to resume work, and the best way to do that is getting to know every startup a little bit better. Today, the whole family gathered at CMI and the suppers lets us all know more about their projects and what can be expected from them while participating in our program

Such a great group of people, with lots of great ideas!

We know you want to know more… So! Let us introduce you to the new 59 startups joining Start-Up Chile´s 6th generation!!

1. Telefonio (@TuRingtu) RingTU is Latin America’s virtual phone system

2. Re:3D (@re_3D) We create user-centered goods by combining plastic recycling with large format 3D printing to support emerging markets

3. Qonf (@QonfApp) Is a multiplatform mobile application to help professional congress organisers, convention centers, fairs and associations leverage the value of their event and build up engagement, loyalty and sales.

4. MamaBox: Is the first subscription box for moms and future moms in LATAM. Receive every month a box with 6-8 products adapted to your phase

5. Ayudarum (@Ayudarum) Is The global connection between companies and students: Contact to future skilled workers for companies and practical experience for students!

6. PayAllies (@PayAllies) We are a Mobile Payment Gateway without the need of credit cards, focused on emergent markets with low e-banking penetration.

7. Location Apparel (@LocationApparel)We povide clothes for the places where we live and love. We are able to create the highest quality designs through the power of crowdsourcing.

8. Nuflick (@NuFlick) Is an on demand film distribution platform focused on independent content and Film Festivals in Latin America.

9. KidKidBangBang: Is a private, online photo album where you can save your kids’ pictures forever, with automatic on and offline backups

10. Crispy Games: Is a technology driven mobile gaming company. We specialize in building massively multiplayer social games.

11. Cobase (@CobaseTweets) Small business is our passion, and Cobase exists to support entrepreneurs everywhere. All the top resources, all in one place

12. Eduquia (@Eduquia) Is an online community of vocational orientation. We connect, in an entertaining way, people who hesitate about which career to start with those who can help them discover it

13. My Travel Genie: We’re here to help today’s busy traveler plan a completely personalized trip and receive trusted advice. Combining our extensive on-the-ground network of top travel specialists with your own social network of people who know you best, we create the best itinerary you could hope for, tailor-made to fit your needs

14. Kudo Learning, Inc. (@KudoLearning) Learning develops interactive, adaptive, and fun foreign language-learning mobile software for preschool children.

15. MedKo (@MedkoHealth) Is an international healthcare network, giving patients informed choice and connecting them to doctors across the globe

16. CottonTracks: Is a browser extension that understands your interests through history and behavioral data. On every page you browse, algorithms define what paragraph, video or map got your attention and combines it to other pages from the same topic. It is the effortless way remember and organize your favorite content

17. Insiders S.A.: Monitors and reports, in real time, the purchases and sales of shares undertaken by the owners, directors and chief executives of companies listed on the local stock exchange.

18. ESN, The Global Export Social Network: We are a global social network bridging the gap between SMEs looking to expand their market (export abroad) and worldwide ambassadors with commercial expertise searching for new challenges.

19. Arrively (@arrively) Is a door-to-door itinerary planner combining multiple methods of transportation to calculate the real price and time of travel

20. SimpleCrew (@SimpleCrewApp) Is a mobile photo app for businesses. With SimpleCrew, managers can collect and organize photos from their teams in the field

21. Hotel-Touchpoints: Disruptive and innovative business model that will help luxury boutique hotels to increase direct channel sales and improve their limited profitability.

22. Experimento: We make science fun and help educators teach complex things effortlessly through inexpensive kits.

23. CityHeroes (@cityheroesnews) We build safer cities combining mobile/hardware technologies and connecting people to report and solve collective issues and risk situations

24. InnSania (@bischile_) We are a company that thinks, co-creates, develops and implements sanitation solutions from a sustainable approach. Aware of the permanent sanitary emergency in which thousands of millions live today, our first development is BIS, a bathroom module that provides health, dignity and self-sufficiency through the reuse of water and waste.

25. Work4ce.me (@work4ceme) Matches Seeker and Company through intelligent matching algorithms, creating a direct talent pipeline, min-noise max-efficiency¨

26.Colibrí: We are working on creating sensor networks in rural geographies of developing nations to give rural farmers better access to data about their fields and crops

27. StageYou.TV: Have you dreamt of becoming a star from comforts of your home?SageYou.tv REPLICATES the WORLD STAGE online for performing arts, in the intersection of social media, video sharing & reality TV.

28. Storyboard Books: We engage readers through personalization of content. Children will enjoy seeing their names and pictures in their favorite stories

29. TeraFold Biologics Inc.: We are creating a computational R&D platform for the systematic discovery of alternative protein scaffolds as drug delivery systems

30. Helena App (@helena4blind) Is a virtual braille keyboard for tablets that allow blind people to access digital services. Visit www.ummitech.com/en/helena.html

31. Cam Per Farm: It´s an image recognition´s platform for farms and crops, including a toolkit to take aerial near infrared images.

32. Stupil: Is a video commerce platform, enabling instant buying/selling, and fundraising directly inside our video player anywhere a video is shared.

33. Syrenaica Games (@Syrenaica) We develop games and apps for different platforms, including desktop computers and mobile devices, focusing on casual and social genres.

34. RadarChile (@chile_RADAR) Is the link between schools of architecture and social entities (neighborhood associations, communities, etc.) to develop infrastructure projects.

35. Stockdrift: Is the world’s first platform to measure investor expectations. We help traders make money by predicting the financial markets.

36. Cell Therapy: Revolutionizing the aesthetic medicine market by inexpensively isolating your own stem cells so that they can repair you face’s aged skin.

37. JuiceDrop: Branded experience is the new advertising, and how consumers engage with brands in an increasingly digital world becomes the key for successful strategy. JuiceDrop is a self-service viral branded experience creator at your fingertips. we allows brands to multiply their touch-points to digitally engage and reward their fans and potential customers wherever they are.

38. Jobyal: We want to solve unemployment and improve dramatically the way we work. Jobyal provides all the benefits of working for a big corporation to free agents and freelancers

39. Fugate.cl: Is an e-commerce platform that allows hotels to offer part of their about-to-perish underutilized capacity at a discounted price to final consumers. Hotels can manage their offer through a web client or call center and consumers will view the available offer through a web and mobile-based application

40. Health Assist (@healthassistin) Is an online/mobile platform for HR mangers that gamifies health and wellness for Corporate employee and rewards them for staying fit

41. Bebe Depot (@BebeDepot) Is the online baby store that helps parents save money and precious time. All in one place Lowest prices – Fast shipping

42. AdStartr: Is a web marketplace that connects advertisers to ad inventory from online publishers. We give advertisers control with easy customization & monitoring.

43. SkyBulls: Is a simulated trading platform for people who want to educate themselves and test their strategies in a real trading environment.

44. TheCityGame: Is a company, that has worked on various web development project and now focuses on bringing “The City Game” to life and expand its expertise in the development of games related to real world environments and real world data.

45. Comparabien.com (@comparabien) We are the first Latin American price comparison platform. We help our users to find best deals on financial, insurance and telco products

46. Inventarium: Is framework to gather and anolize customer’s feedback through mobile devices

47. AGRIMAPS: We are the “Social Agricultural World Map” that allows all participants of the agriculture to position themselves, promote and interact globally

48. Ivy Trading Academy (ITA) (@IvyTrading) We offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to develop their trading skills and obtain a professional trading opportunity

49. Worldreport.me: Breaking news and journalistic multimedia platform tailored for news consumers to interact with and visualize international events.

50. Comparisign.com: We are a github for lawyers. We make it easy for lawyers to track changes when sending their documents back and forth, and to e-sign the document once they’re ready. We also host the signed document for their records and future work.

51. Soukboard: Build your store, Create your online marketing campaigns, Measure conversion & Learn from your clients. Turn traffic into paying customers

52. REbound Technology LLC: REbound’s energy storage system leverages water-based materials to deliver on-demand, boosted electrical generation for industrial facilities. The behind-the-meter system shifts electrical purchases to low cost periods while monetizing abundant150C waste heat. REbound’s fast payback finally provides the incentive to convert Chile’s low temperature waste heat into electricity.

53. Brickflow (@brickflow) Is an app to develop, discuss and tell multimedia stories on a shared whiteboard. It is the Google Docs for multimedia

54. Aiotra (@AiOTRA) Is a creative social platform for creating advertising content. We deliver video and graphic ads created by our creative community

55. TutumCloud: An online decision support system allowing organizations to objectively evaluate and monitor the security of Cloud Service Providers

56. ApptheGame (@ApptheGame)Is the ultimate companion app for sports fans. ApptheGame allows fans to follow their teams & interact & compete with other fans

57. MundoHablado.com: Is a US company for the production and online broker of audiobooks, online courses and other downloadable digital content in English, Spanish and Portuguese to reach the Latin American market.

58. Floost (@floost) Is the easiest way to explore and follow your interests. It’s really simple to sign up, select your interest and enjoy a single feed of info from best publishers on the web.

59. keeZILLA: It will allow internet shoppers to create intelligent watch-lists which will alert them on price changes and special offers