Eventbrite co-founder visited Start-Up Chile!


You know how much we love having inspiring guests in our HQ. Yesterday, we had an unexpected and really enjoyable guest: Eventbrite‘s co-founder and CEO, Kevin Hartz, who talked to the suppers for about an hour.

We thought it could be good for you to get at least a glimpse of the tips and experiences that Kevin shared, so here we are sharing our notes!

Kevin’s talk can be summarized in three main points:

A) Look for colossal shifts: Kevin shared about how he studied closely what happened to YouTube. YouTube began as a video dating site, but masses of people began using the platform in a completely different way. Kevin and his team also observed closely to what was happening between bloggers and the traditional press: people began branding themselves as bloggers, great content could be found not only on newspapers anymore, but on blogs. “I wanted to take that to ticketing”, said Hartz.

B) Be led by your customers: closely related to his comments on YouTube, the next advice Kevin shared was to keep an eye on what people are actually doing with your platform, instead of holding too tight to the idea you had when you built it. For example, their team observed that sellers on Ebay were using PayPal. That was not what PayPal was originally created for: it began as Field Link, but it was maybe too early for its time. When people used the technology in a different way, PayPal’s team followed it, and that’s what made them great.

C) Don’t be afraid to Make shifts & Pivot: Following what was shared before, Kevin’s last advice was just not be afraid to change your product and even your focus after learning what people actually want.

Sounds easier said that done! Eventbrite certainly can walk the talk. Can you?