What to know before your trip to Chile! 3 cool and unusual things to know

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By Giuseppe Giulio

Chile has just become an incredible country, and thanks to Start-Up Chile it will be unforgettable experience as well. Starting anadventure here can be one of the most powerful adventure a person does in hisor her life. Here’s why it ought to be the next on your travel wishlist

Become a positive supper!

Chile has a very particular sense of irony, a really sarcastic sense of humor and in every situation, sometimes it is double sense, but it is funny. For them a joke, it is an instrument to fight the bead time and believe in something new and be positive for the future. Attention: they do not speak Spanish but Chilean, if you speak this language you will be able to open your mind to a particular style of enjoy the life. Ready to become our next super?

The importance of diversity

Chile is one of the most diverse country and reality in the world. Here, you can find different cultural backgrounds, nature lovers and especially it is a fantastic and interesting place to live there for few months. When you will be there, you have a lots of places to visit, streets and huge business mentors as well. This reflected the importance to take part at Start Up Chile, where it is possible to find an exciting mix of international stories and future business collaborations. What are you waiting for?

Love comes first

There is one special thing about Chile, and its Chilean is that they have a huge value for friends and family. Once, you will have a piece of a circle of friends or family you will be welcomed and supported unconditionally, and they will be there for you always and ever. For Chilean before money, success or anything like this, love comes first. It is one of the few country in South America and in the world where you will find people lying on piece of grass parks are filled with cuddling and kiss couples. Be yourself, and you will become a super hero of the next generation!