We love traveling! Three trends for startups to consider now

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By Giuseppe Giulio

Startups and technology have transformed the world of tourism the past few years, from flight booking apps to travel guides, there a lot of numbers of travel tech platforms tailored to meet the needs of users from all across the globe. We look at some of the best startups at Start-Up Chile and give to all of you three huge steps to create a successful travel startup.

What is sustainable tourism?

The first key is to understand the problems of the travel industry and offer a product or a specific service that addresses a real pain among travelers. Sustainability is the answer if you want to create a travel successful startup. Sustainable tourism is a way of traveling and exploring a destination while respecting its culture, environment, and people. Unfortunately, most startups do not travel this way. We should make travel in a way that can benefit the people and communities, and that mitigates negative impacts of travel on the environment.

Find out a new segment

You have to create something new to offer, which means if you have a product that fills a gap in a specific market, it will have a viral effect and your business is sure to make a mark in the travel industry. Especially, if you want to create a product that focuses on areas – better known as target – that have not been dealt with till now and it is a need of the hour then you can surely create a lot of value in that area provided that you work in the right direction. It works and It has the potential to make the world a better place, through cultural exchange and understanding, but especially economic benefits to richer and poorer destinations.

Good relationships

Tourism can be very important to a country’s economy, particularly in less developed regions, where it can drive growth. Tourism also tends to have important impacts on the environment and society at large. The informal network that you form will help you build your reputation which is a big asset and will help you stay in business for along time. Today, creating and maintaining long-term relationships with customers – and colleagues too –  is considered one of the most important tasks of marketing managers in the world of tourism 3.0.