#StaffPicks | Valentina Araya – AE


It’s the final day of the working week and that’s mean another close look to our marvelous team. Let us introduce to Valentina Araya, Account Executive from the Operation team. What does she do? You may ask, here we tell you: She’s responsible for tracking the technical and financial milestone of our current generation of startups.⁣ ⁣

Valentina’s hobbies are more than just numbers and spreadsheets. She’s a yoga enthusiastic, leading out the zen living style. She also loves the outdoor activities, like traveling and gardering. ⁣

She recommends ???????? a Netflix documentary series “where you’ll find disruptive people that defied the status quo to make their own path. In Particular, I highly recommend the chapter of Neri Oxman (Season 2)“.

Neri Oxman is a professor at the MIT Media Lab, where she is constantly redefining how to design, build, and create without leaving a mark on our planet“. 

“At this precise moment when a Pandemic has shown us our vulnerability and we are questioning the way we interact with everything around us, we start to understand that we are part of this planet too and that we should look at it more often.

“Mother Nature must be our role model and we should get ideas and inspiration on how nature does things because she has been around long ago before humans”.

“And that is what Neri Oxman does in every project she works on. Integration of Design, Engineering, Science, and Art, redefining the way environment and matter interact”. 

“I see this chapter as an invitation to incorporate mother nature back into the equation again. ¿How can we “nature” what we are building? How do we “nature” what we create? Her work proves that we can find our way back to nature in everything we do if we learn where to look”.

“This chapter, in particular, blew my mind. I discovered that those crazy ideas, that way of thinking and bringing together all those disciplines is not impossible and is not that crazy after all, it is disruptive. There they are not thinking about what can be applicable today but in 50 or 100 years ahead. And that is closely linked to the role of the entrepreneur ecosystem, innovation, and technology”

You can watch this documentary here